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Infographic | New IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations for 2017

Infographic | New IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations for 2017

Year after year, no transport mode sees more Dangerous Goods regulatory changes than air transport. That’s why it’s essential to have a complete grasp of each year’s changes as soon as possible—and why now is the time to order your copy of the 58th Edition of the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations. Here’s a preview of

Dangerous Goods Report Vol. 7

Dangerous Goods Report | Vol. 7

Summary: HM-215: Are you ready for the border patrol? If you ship Dangerous Goods, don’t let new border measurement regulations for labels and placards catch you unprepared. Ship damaged batteries in a fiberboard box? Yes, you can! Just in time for the largest cell phone recall ever—new Special Permit Packaging makes reverse logistics easier and

How did Dangerous Goods pros respond to our annual survey?

How did Dangerous Goods pros respond to our annual survey?

  The answers may reassure you. Since August, we’ve been asking hazmat heroes like you all about their jobs, their lives, their concerns and their opinions. Many of you took our online poll, and many more answered these questions at the 2016 Dangerous Goods Symposium, September 7–9 in Chicago. As usual, your answers were unpredictable—and


Competency Based Training — The Path to DG Workforce Performance

At the recent Labelmaster Dangerous Goods Symposium (DGS) ,  Teun Muller, the Panel member nominated by The Netherlands to the ICAO Dangerous Goods Panel provided an enlightening presentation on Competency Based Training. He noted that the goal of competency-based training and assessment is to produce a competent workforce by providing focused training directly related to

The FRA issued an Emergency Information Collection Request (EICR) in reference to the repairs it directed shippers to make to the nation’s fleet of DOT-111 rail tank cars last week.  A train of such cars passes west through Hinsdale, Illinois in August of 2014. Image © 8/2014 by Nikki Burgess; all rights reserved.

DG Digest: FMCSA Reviewing Testing Delays, OSHA Responds to President’s Executive Order, and FRA Issues Follow-up to its Emergency Repair Order

As October deepens and the fall season and the coming holidays approach, the regulatory world continues its usual busy schedule.  If you aren’t busy raking leaves yet, take a few moments to check out the latest and greatest: FMCSA The agency released a new rule consolidating a variety of amendments and corrections to the FMCSR. 


Infographic | Unpacking the Mysteries of DG Packaging

Why is hazmat packaging so complex? And how do you get it right? Read on to learn what regulations govern Dangerous Goods packaging and how to interpret them. A packaging partner with deep expertise can help you think “inside the box,” and keep your shipments safe and compliant. What seems like a simple objective—ensuring the

Infographic | Extremely Dangerous: Confidence is in Short Supply

Infographic | Extremely Dangerous: Confidence is in Short Supply

DG/hazmat shipping compliance is critical to the supply chain, but organizations often lack the infrastructure to keep pace with today’s changing compliance and risk mitigation landscape. TRUTH IN NUMBERS According to a Labelmaster Industry Compliance Confidence Survey, a large number of companies are not confident in their ability to be consistently compliant across their entire