Hazmat regulations, security seals and humor—our top 10 posts of 2016

Dangerous Goods professionals apparently need two things from a blog. First and foremost: clear, detailed information about hazmat regulations and practices. Second: a good laugh.

Our top ten posts of 2016—measured by page views, search requests and social media shares—reflect these needs. Readers devoured posts on new ICAO and IATA regulations, and found articles about security seals helpful. At the same time, they loved our zany side—quizzes, horoscopes and Game of Thrones rants prove humor isn’t hazardous in the hazmat business.

Enjoy the best of the Labelmaster blog, 2016:

  1. How to Ship Lithium Batteries by Air—as of April 1, 2016. ICAO’s decision to ban the transport of lithium ion batteries as cargo on passenger aircraft created shockwaves that reverberated all year through the Dangerous Goods industry. This widely shared post—with input from our Vice President of Regulatory Affairs BobRichard—was the straightforward guide shippers needed to adapt, adjust and move forward.
  2. Infographic: Hazard Class Zodiac. From Class 1 Explosives (“You don’t do anything quietly”)to Class 9 Miscellaneous (“You offer something for everyone, even if you can be a minor irritant”), this utterly fact-free personality guide had Dangerous Goods professionals asking each other “What’s your sign?”
  3. 11 Places Security Seals are Essential in Dangerous Goods. A five-post series about security seals? Who would read that? A lot of hazmat pros, as it turns out. The first post in the series made the case that seals are an underused and under-appreciated tool in the hazmat business.
  4. 10 Strangest Hazmat Items in the 2016 Emergency Response Guidebook. Fish scrap? London purple? Toe puffs? Most DG pros had no idea what this odd stuff even was, let alone that it was regulated hazmat. This popular post emphasized that no matter how silly something sounds, if it’s in the ERG, it’s dangerous somehow. Even if it’s toe puffs.
  5. Domestic Shippers Take Note: PHMSA to Adopt ICAO Lithium Battery Rules. When ICAO passed its new lithium battery shipping rules—see #1—many shippers whose shipments never cross US borders believed the new rules didn’t apply to them. Their relief was short-lived. This post outlined the rules all shippers will have to follow starting this January.
  6. Ultimate Hazmat Security: C-TPAT Compliant Seals. Part 4 in our seals series described the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism—a voluntary, collaborative effort between U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CPB) and commercial shippers—and the many uses for the high-strength bolt seals the program mandates.
  7. 7 Clues that Game of Thrones is Really about Hazmat Shipping. You don’t believeGame of Thrones is about Dangerous Goods transport? These seven uncanny similarities will prove you know nothing, Jon Snow.
  8. Changes to 58th Edition of the IATA DGR – a Synopsis. When rules changes are afoot, hazmat pros want all the details, and they want them yesterday. Labelmaster staff regulatory specialist Nikki Burgess, CDGP, DGSA—who writes our definitive weekly DG Digest—delivered the (Dangerous) goods with this complete breakdown of every significant change IATA had in store.
  9. The Hazmat Quizmaster — Is That Hazmat? We launched our popular quiz series with this goofy-yet-challenging test of your Dangerous Goods knowledge. Yes, there’s a question about toe puffs.
  10. Last Name in the Alphabet; First Name in Dangerous Goods Regulations. When our Vice President of Research & Development Jeanne Zmich retired in June, nearly 100 hazmat pros from around the world left comments about how she helped define and grow the Dangerous Goods industry during her four decades overseeing regulations at Labelmaster.

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Happy holidays from everyone at Labelmaster!

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