New A.I.R. Shipper Incorporates Recent Major Revisions to Air Transport Regulations for Dangerous Goods

AIR ShipperI just finished sending the 2012 edition of A.I.R. Shipper to the printer! Can’t believe this is our 8th edition of the “Apple” of dangerous goods regulations manuals!  Have you gotten used to the new packing instructions yet?  Sure hope so!  The old ones became obsolete back in March! Practically a new dangerous goods list too.  And don’t forget the limited quantities amendments – modest changes for the air mode but huge over in the surface world.

With all these revisions, it was inevitable that there would be several addenda and corrigenda.  The 2012 edition brings you up-to-date with those, plus it incorporates a host of minor improvements that make the dangerous goods compliance experience just a little easier and less painful.  We’re bringing out A.I.R. Shipper™ as early as possible this year since all the changes are applicable now.

* * * * *

The internationally-recognized A.I.R. Shipper™ combines the international standards for shipping dangerous goods by air with related domestic requirements, providing all required information needed to ship air freight safely in one resource. A.I.R. Shipper™ is available in a variety of formats, including standard bound, spiral bound, and electronically. Labelmaster also offers several combo packs that provide additional savings when purchasing multiple items, as well as training editions that are designed to systematically instruct users on how to work with and navigate through the A.I.R. Shipper™ publication. Visit the Air Transport Books section of our site for more information on any of these items.

The newest edition of A.I.R. Shipper™ will be available to ship later this fall.


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