Our Top 10 hazmat humor posts of 2017

There is nothing funny about Dangerous Goods shipping and handling. Hazmat regulations keep people safe, and DG professionals are 100% serious about their dedication to compliance.

So why is hazmat humor so popular?

Maybe the process of learning staggeringly complex, endlessly changing regulations warps people’s brains. Maybe you have to be a little warped to get into this line of work in the first place. Or maybe, when you’re constantly battling to maintain compliance while simultaneously explaining to upper management just what the heck it is you do every day—well, maybe being able to laugh about it is the only thing that keeps you sane.

If you missed them the first time around, here are our top 10 “fun” posts of 2017—measured by page views, search requests and social media shares. Enjoy the best of hazmat humor, Labelmaster style!

  1. DGTV: Three TV shows that (mostly) got hazmat right. You know you’re a hazmat geek when you’re watching some heroes save New York from sure destruction and find yourself yelling at the TV, “What kind of moron slaps a 1A placard on a trailer of trinitrotoluene?” This post salutes three TV shows that at least made the effort to portray hazmat transport correctly.
  2. Will your teenager become a Dangerous Goods professional? Maybe you never set out to be a hazmat trainer or a shipping manager, but it’s worked out pretty well. Will your kids choose the same path? This quiz may help you determine whether your son or daughter will follow you into DG, or perhaps opt for a career in the realm of the sane.
  3. Watch the video that has hazmat pros cheering and laughing. We kicked off the 2017 Dangerous Goods Symposiumwith a video in which we introduced kids to the challenges DG pros face every day—Kids Say the DG’est Things. Their candid responses are adorable, hilarious and—ultimately—a touching tribute to the importance of the hazmat professional.
  4. 13 things you may not know about lithium, batteries, and lithium batteries. With lithium batteries the perennial main topic at any Dangerous Goods event, is there anything any DG pro doesn’t know about them? Glad you asked.
  5. Rated DG: What if famous horror movies were about Dangerous Goods? Most scary movies are made to scare normal people, but—as we’ve already established—DG pros are not normal people. So we got to thinking, what if someone created horror movies to scare us?
  6. The Hazmat Mothers’ Day Gift Guide—10 last-minute ideas. Nearly all hazmat professionals have mothers, are married to mothers or are themselves mothers. Yet no one had ever before addressed the formative role our mothers may have played in our Dangerous Goods careers, nor answered the critical question—what do I get Mom for Mothers’ Day?
  7. Did our hazmat labels and other markings impress this design critic? Most hazmat labels do an effective job telling carriers and receivers about packages’ contents and their inherent risks. But do they look good doing it? As he did with floor stickers in 2016, design critic and hazmat aficionado Stewart D.O. North shared his merciless opinions.
  8. A “Haul-Stars” playlist for National Truck Driver Appreciation Week. In honor of the truckers who safely haul 4 million Dangerous Goods shipments every day, we created this playlist—an hour’s worth of songs, mostly about roads and highways, to help give your next drive a little more magic.
  9. Mom, can I be a hazmat pro for Halloween? “But Mom—hazmat pros areheroes! We work to protect the public and keep our economy moving.” Listening to her son, Anne tried to recall the name of the school psychologist.
  10. Top 10 things hazmat regulators can do during a regulatory freeze. Remember when the new administration froze the HM-215N Final Rule—and every other pending hazmat regulation— throwing shippers into a confusing limbo for weeks? We had a lot of fun imagining what all those D.C. regulators did to fill the time they once spent creating regulations.

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