DG Digest: EPA updates fees for the Toxic Substances Control Act

The last full week of February found things just a touch slow in the regulatory world; this coming week features “Leap Day,” which happens just once every four years. So, do something special to enjoy it! Here’s the latest news:


The agency finalized amendments to the rule that established fees for the administration of the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA). Specifically, EPA is updating:

  • the fee amounts and EPA’s total costs for administering TSCA
  • exemptions for entities subject to the EPA-initiated risk evaluation fees
  • exemptions for test rule fee activities
  • modifications to the self-identification and reporting requirements of EPA-initiated risk evaluation and test rule fees
  • modifications to EPA’s proposed methodology for the productionvolume-based fee allocation for EPA initiated risk evaluation fees in any scenario in which a consortium is not formed
  • expanded fee requirements to companies required to submit information for test orders
  • modifications to the fee payment obligations of processors subject to test orders and enforceable consent agreements (ECA)
  • extended timeframes for certain fee payments and notices

This rule is effective on April 22, 2024. See it here.


The agency is authorizing a pair of ICR’s dealing with very common equipment used in many warehouse and manufacturing settings. View details at the provided links:

Powered Industrial Trucks (forklifts, etc.).

Handing Cranes and Industrial Hoists.

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