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8 Dangerous Goods myths and misconceptions—busted!

8 Dangerous Goods myths and misconceptions—busted!

Remember Mythbusters? A couple of former Hollywood effects pros created one of the top shows on cable TV by debunking popular myths and misconceptions. They proved—over and over—that just because “everyone knows” something doesn’t make it true. If there were a supply chain TV network, Dangerous Goods professionals could probably run their own version of

Quiz: How well do you know secondary hazmat container regulations?

Secondary hazmat containment used to mean one thing: paint cans. But now, shippers are switching to new Capsuloc™—the screw-top secondary container that’s lighter weight, more durable and easier to use than paint cans, now with a special permit (DOT-SP 21488) and accepted as exemption by UPS and FedEx. How well do you know the regulations

Game-inspired hazmat training rocks. What about training for the rest of your life?

Since we released our new General Awareness Hazmat Training course earlier in 2023, Dangerous Goods pros have been saying it’s the coolest, most accessible online hazmat training course ever. It’s not only a lot more engaging than most DG training, it’s actually fun. This game-inspired training module takes you inside a virtual warehouse, where you

Quiz: Are you a large format lithium battery transport expert? Part 2

Compliantly shipping lithium batteries large enough for electric vehicles, data centers or solar power storage is challenging. Lots of hazmat pros were stumped by our recent quiz, so we decided to give you all another shot! Don’t know all the answers? Remember, you can always work with the experts at Labelmaster. Make sure your shipments

Top 5 reasons to attend the 2023 Dangerous Goods Symposium

The Dangerous Goods Symposium is going to be live and in person once again – Wednesday and Thursday, September 6-7 in Chicago.   The DG Symposium is where the hazmat transport industry and the business community connect. This year’s event will feature two full days of domestic and international regulatory updates, a master class panel

Adding expertise to your ERP transforms your dangerous goods shipping operation

Most manufacturing businesses have adopted software to integrate core production and finance to accelerate performance and maintain regulatory compliance. Over the past few decades, this has resulted in significant overall efficiency gains and better regulatory compliance. However, there are still areas for improvement. For example, manufacturers can often run simple shipping requests through their core

Quiz: Are you a large format lithium battery transport expert?

Compliantly shipping lithium batteries is complex. When those batteries are large enough for electric vehicles, data centers or solar power storage, compliant transport becomes even more challenging.  Think you’ve mastered the regulations for transporting large format lithium batteries? This quiz is for you!  It’s not easy, so if you don’t know all the answers, remember

Hazmat Quizmaster: An easy 2-minute quiz for Dangerous Goods newbies.

Hazmat Quizmaster: An easy 2-minute quiz for Dangerous Goods newbies.

STAY SAFE, STAY SANE AND STAY COMPLIANT! Whether you’re shipping hazmat for the first time or it’s been part of your operation for years, Labelmaster has the resources you need to keep your operation efficient and compliant. Questions? Get the answers you need from the Labelmaster Regulatory Hotline. Make sure your shipments are safe and

Hazmat professionals! Here’s your Mothers’ Day Gift Guide!

Back by popular demand—it’s our last-minute Mothers’ Day gift guide for Dangerous Goods professionals! Nearly all hazmat professionals have mothers, are married to mothers or are themselves mothers. Yet no one but Labelmaster ever examines the formative role our mothers played in our Dangerous Goods development, or the critical question on everyone’s minds over the

Could Santa pass a PHMSA inspection? A Dangerous Goods Christmas story.

TIME: December 24, 2021, 21:33 AKST PLACE: PHMSA Inspection Station, Utqiagvik, Alaska The following conversation was recorded between a junior PHMSA inspector (INSP) and an unidentified aircraft operator (OPER). INSP:     Good evening! OPER:    Good evening! INSP:     I don’t see any identification on the exterior of your, um, aircraft here. What’s your port of origin?