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DG Digest: Shipping Accident in Baltimore: A Reminder of Safe Cargo Practices

DG Digest: Shipping Accident in Baltimore: A Reminder of Safe Cargo Practices

Shipping accident in Baltimore As most people already know, last week the Singapore flagged container ship MS Dali collided with the Francis Scott Key road bridge at the mouth of the harbor in Baltimore, Maryland. The bridge subsequently collapsed, tragically killing six maintenance workers on the span. Casualties may have been far greater but for

DG Digest: PHMSA Clarifies Special Permit Process, Adds Hazmat Training FAQs, and Issues Monkeypox Guidance

It’s mid-March, and the formal beginning of Spring is just a day or two away. Hopefully, every will have a chance to enjoy the improving weather and perhaps a spring break holiday. Be sure to include appropriate safety planning in your spring events! Here’s the last week’s extremely busy regulatory news: PHMSA The agency published

Gear Up for Change: The 2024 ERG Arrives in May

One of the most popular and certainly among the most useful and used of the USDOT’s family of publications is almost due for its revised issuance. The Emergency Response Guide, typically referred to simply as the “ERG,” will make its every-fourth-year reappearance in late May. The 2024 edition will supersede the current 2020 edition. The

DG Digest: Public Comment Period Opens on International Rules for Safe Radioactive Material Transport

Today’s blog publishes right after the “Spring Forward” event—did you remember to reset your clocks? This is the one Monday of the year when perhaps everyone might be just a little off-kilter, so remember: take your time today and don’t let the change impair your attention to health and safety. We’ll also encounter the St.

DG Digest: An NPRM from OSHA in reference to required emergency response measures and organization

“Punxsutawney Phil,” the famous prognosticating groundhog in Pennsylvania, did not, according to news reports, see his shadow last Friday. According to the tradition, that means we’ll see a speedy end to winter. Let’s hope that groundhog nailed it! Meanwhile, however, just in case he’s wrong, be sure your winter safety plans remain in effect until

DG Digest: Proposed rulemaking from the CPSC regarding reducing required size of safety marks on consumer coin/button cell battery packaging

Here we are at the end of January! Whew! One more month of the worst weather to go. Hopefully, later this week, “Punxsutawney Phil” the famous groundhog in Pennsylvania will predict a quick end to winter.  Hang in there and stay safe! Here’s this week’s regulatory news: CPSC The Commission published a proposed rule (via