Last name in the alphabet; first name in Dangerous Goods regulations

Jeanne Zmich

Jeanne Zmich, Labelmaster Vice President of Research & Development—who is retiring on June 16th— has helped define and grow the Dangerous Goods industry that we work in every day.

During her four decades overseeing regulations at Labelmaster, Jeanne has achieved a number of industry milestones:

  • She co-authored a two-volume set on compliance with the original OSHA Hazard Communication Standard—a publication accepted into the Library of Congress. It was the first commercially available product to help employers comply with that Standard.
  • She also coordinated the program to collaborate with the National Paint and Coatings Association (now the American Coatings Association) to produce and develop the first HMIS labeling system.
  • In addition, Jeanne kept her finger on the pulse of regulatory changes and interpretations, leading Labelmaster to produce a number of regulatory publications, including the Early CFR 49, produced annually.

Jeanne was committed to building a better, stronger and more growth-oriented company, and considered it her obligation to help those in our industry do the right thing. She represented Labelmaster at the Council on the Safe Transport of Hazardous Materials (COSTHA), where she serves on its board of directors.

No one at Labelmaster, or in the Dangerous Goods industry, will ever forget her.

Please help us wish Jeanne a happy retirement by leaving a comment below.

Tell us what company you’re with, and your favorite memory of working with Jeanne. Thanks!

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  1. Michael Brown said:

    Jeanne is the best! We will miss her level-headed guidance through the regulatory storms that lay ahead. Enjoy your retirement. Hope they are the best years of your life…

    • Jeanne Zmich said:

      Michael, Thank you for the kind message. It has been a real pleasure working with you. Thank you for working with the Regulations Department even when we needed more time and you were working with tight deadlines.


  2. Carol Lee said:

    Jeanne has been a fountain of information for our Regulatory Department. That gentle smile she gives you and her abundance of patience will truly will be missed!! Ms. Jeanne Zmich you are in a class by yourself no one else compares. I will miss you and enjoy your retirement!!!

  3. Mike Kelly said:

    Jeanne was a great help to me in my career always wanting to help out our Customers. She taught me a lot about the regulations and the importance of integrity. She will be missed! Enjoy your well deserved retirement!

  4. Jeanette DeGennaro said:

    It’s been an absolute pleasure to get to know Jeanne. Always a true professional. Jeanne you will be missed. God Speed!

  5. Jill Marshall said:

    Jeanne ~ Words cannot express the depth of my gratitude to you for everything you’ve done for our company and our customers. You truly have a way with making what is a very complex topic, easier for all of us to digest, learn and understand. A true leader by example. Your kindness and dedication will never be forgotten. Thank you.

    • Jeanne Zmich said:

      Jill- Thank you so much for the wonderful comments. Working with people like you is what made it a wonderful thirty plus years. Jeanne

  6. Nikki Burgess said:

    Leader, mentor, friend, and a woman who commands both my fond affection and my deep respect; a regard that I extend to few. I wish her all the very best.

    • Jeanne Zmich said:


      Thank you for the wonderful comments. It was and is a great pleasure working with you. I still miss the historical and literary comments every morning. I think of you whenever I see or hear a train, and in Des Plaines that happens very often. My very best wises to you and Linda. Jeanne

  7. Julie Brown said:

    Jeanne, enjoyed getting to know you personally and professionally! Thanks to your contributions to the Compliance world. You will be missed. My Best in your retirement life. You deserve a rest!

    • Jeanne Zmich said:


      It was great getting to know you too. I enjoyed being a member of the DG world. Especially working with people like you. Jeanne

  8. Robert Alverson, CHMM said:

    Employed as a Regulations Specialist at Labelmaster in Chicago, I had the privilege of working for Jeanne for about 5 years over two tours of duty. Reflecting back 25 years ago to when I initially joined Jeanne’s R&D Team, generates a feeling of appreciation and the warmth of nostalgia. Since that time, I can only think of the many great memories of working with Jeanne on a variety of regulatory projects such as creating new compliance products and regulatory reference books. I am forever thankful to her for providing me exceptional guidance during both the early stage of my EH&S career and now. I will always consider Jeanne to be a mentor, a colleague, and a friend. Best wishes to you Jeanne and thank you for everything.

    • Jeanne Zmich said:


      I truly enjoyed working with you. You are an excellent technical writer. I wish you the very best.


  9. Nathan Ayres said:

    Thank you Jeanne for all you have done for Labelmaster and for your support in my efforts with the Labelmaster website.

    • Jeanne Zmich said:


      It was wonderful working with you both in Seattle and Chicago. The Labelmaster website has always been great thanks to your efforts. Jeanne

  10. Meeta Kratz said:

    I had the honor of learning from Jeanne over the course of a couple years and she is a true DG expert, leader and friend. She has not only helped Labelmaster grown into and industry leader over the years but has been the cornerstone in building and shaping an industry. Jeanne, thank you for all your support and guidance. You will be missed!

  11. Jessica Golding said:

    Congratulations on your upcoming retirement! It sounds like it is well earned! Considering all the comments left here, I’m a little jealous I never had the pleasure of working with you. I wish you all the best.

  12. John Donovan said:

    Jeanne, I want to thank you for the opportunity (QA Inspector) you gave me to see how the other side works and to get myself out of the warehouse and into a more exclusive job. It has been a pleasure working with you the past 4 years that I have been here working in the Quality Department. Thank you and enjoy your retirement, you deserve every minute of it, so congratulations and relax and take as many trips as you would like.

    • Jeanne Zmich said:


      Thank you for your kind comments. I have always enjoyed working with you. You were always a great help whenever we needed anything. Jeanne

  13. Joseph White said:

    Dear Jeanne,
    What a difference you have made with your presence at Labelmaster! You elevated our regulatory expertise to the point that back in the early days when shippers inquired with the DOT on how to ship their DG’s the GOVERNMENT referred them to Labelmaster to get the answers! What a reputation that earned us as a company!
    Very impressive, very impacting, very influencing you have been in the Dangerous Goods community & with us in the Labelmaster family.
    You will be dearly missed Jeanne!

    • Jeanne Zmich said:

      Dear Joe,

      It has been great working with you. I always knew that I could always count on you to make sure that customers got whatever they needed. I also appreciated the kind word and smile I always got as I left at night. I wish you the best of luck in the future.


  14. Robert Finn said:

    Having worked with Jeanne for only a few years, I quickly became very fond of her ability to explain the complicated and confusing side of hazmat regulations in a practical and understandable manner. Jeanne has a wonderful way in providing perspective on the complicated regulatory process, rules and interpretations actually make sense. Her humor and quick wit emerged loud and clear when we were developing our first edition of the Master Series videos. As Jeanne discussed the 49 CFR and the impossible task of keeping up with all the changes , she joked about “you’re not going to take the 49 CFR home at night, by your bedside .. and look up a racy chapter on hazardous materials…!!” I love that line!!! The only thing Jeanne cares more about than the regulations — are the people in the industry. Best of luck, Jeanne, on your new journey in retirement.

    • Jeanne Zmich said:

      Thank you for your kind comments. It has been a pleasure working with you and seeing all the plans for the future of Labelmaster.


  15. James Erickson said:

    Dear Jeanne,

    It was a pleasure working with you back in the 90’s. Thank you for the help you gave me and my team! All the best.

    James Erickson

  16. Jeannine Huenemann said:

    You have been an inspiration to me from the day I first walked into Labelmaster, personifying a winning combination of smart, strong, and fun to be around. I took my first job with Labelmaster because of you, and enjoyed all of our interactions over the nearly five years that I worked with you. I remember going into your office within and office, with Patrick and Peggi in the outer office, sitting down with a perplexing questions, and leaving with not only an answer, but a clear direction with most of my next few questions answered before I even thought to ask them. Over twenty years have passed since that time, and I would still count you among my cherished mentors. Enjoy this next stage of your life.

    • Jeanne Zmich said:

      Those are precious memories of those times. Dee and I still comment to this day how much we enjoyed working with you. Jeanne

  17. Dwight Curtis said:

    I count myself as one of the lucky few who had the opportunity and the pleasure of working with Jeanne for more than 30 years. While Jeanne has established herself in the Dangerous Goods arena, perhaps more importantly she has helped mold Labelmaster into the company it is today. Jeanne has had an uncompromising insistence on quality and regulatory compliance. Whether insisting on products that matched the original DOT color charts, or our internal compliance with Illinois EPA regulations, We have trusted Jeanne to do the right thing.

    Jeanne’s insistence on doing the right thing goes well beyond regulatory compliance. Jeanne has consistently reminded all of us at Labelmaster that customers come first and their needs are our needs. She has reminded us that our customers as well as our coworkers should always be treated with respect.

    Jeanne has been involved in virtually every new product that Labelmaster has introduced in the past 20 years. There are too many to mention but one of my favorites was the Early 49, a completely updated 49CFR available to customers 4-6 months before the official publication.

    Many, many individuals have been hired, trained and mentored by Jeanne. In thirty years I have never known any one of them that hasn’t considered themselves lucky.

    Jeanne and I have worked together, traveled together, and argued. I have irritated her and she me, but she has always been my friend and I hope she will remain so.

    • Jeanne Zmich said:

      Thank you for the wonderful comments. Working with you has been a wonderful experience that I will always remember as a truly great part of my life. Thank you for your guidance and support.


  18. Alicia Gaines said:

    It was a pleasure working on various dangerous goods trade organization committees with you and getting to know you personally. I appreciated all the resources and assistance you provided when I was working. The dangerous goods world will miss your involvement and presence. Enjoy your upcoming retirement!

    • Jeanne Zmich said:


      It was a great pleasure working with you. I have so many wonderful memories of the trips we were on and especially the things you accomplished in the DG community. You were a wonderful travelling companion and DG professional associate. Jeanne

  19. Erin Shea said:

    Congratulations, Jeanne. Thank you for being such a kind and professional manager to me during the early stages of my career. (And for introducing me to Man-Jo-Vin’s!) Enjoy your well-earned retirement!

    • Jeanne Zmich said:


      Thank you for the kind comments. Keep going to Man-Jo-Vin’s maybe I will see you there one day.


  20. Karen Baelum said:

    Jeanne, it has been a pleasure and an honor to work with you over the past three years. You will be greatly missed by all! Best of luck to you and enjoy your retirement!

    • Jeanne Zmich said:

      It has been it has also been a pleasure and fun to work with you. I especially enjoyed the Symposium in St. Louis. I wish you success in all that you do in the future.


  21. Debora Hooper said:

    Jeanne, Thank you very much for the opportunity and pleasure of getting to know you both personally and professionally. I applaud your contributions to both Dangerous Goods and Hazard Communications, and will deeply miss your comments and direction on dealing with regulatory issues. It is my hope that this next stage is both happy and fulfilling. Congratulations and well done!

    • Jeanne Zmich said:


      I certainly enjoyed working with you at DGAC. I appreciate your kind comments. While I will miss the regulatory meetings there are so many things that I have not had the time for that I am looking forward to actually doing. I wish you success in the future. Thank you for your message. Jeanne

  22. William Hesselton said:

    Dear Jeanne,

    Although I’ve never had the privilege to meet or get to know you personally, I have heard so many great things about your contributions to this crazy industry within the DGAC organization. Thank you for all you have done to promote the safe transportation of hazardous materials and dangerous goods throughout the world and for your contributions and support of DGAC over the years. Have a great retirement! AND, stay SAFE! Congratulations!

    Will Hesselton
    Membership & Communications Specialist
    Dangerous Goods Advisory Council

    • Jeanne Zmich said:

      Dear William,

      Thank you for your kind comments. DGAC is a great organizations and I wish you and all of DGAC continued success in the dangerous goods community. Jeanne

  23. Leonard Fialdini said:

    Congratulations Jeanne!!

    I am one of the lucky ones. I greatly appreciate the insight, support and guidance you have provided me over the past 8 years. You have helped me to become a better salesperson professionally and am honored to have been able to get to know you on a personal level as well. The DG community has benefited greatly from your contributions, especially the people you have helped train to become the future of this industry. Enjoy this time and please keep us posted on this new chapter in your life, You deserve it!

    • Jeanne Zmich said:


      What a pleasure it has been working with you and getting to know you. I will miss talking with you.


  24. ANGELA ARNET said:


    • Jeanne Zmich said:


      Thank you for your kind words. It has been a daily pleasure to see you and your great smile and attitude. And, thank you for letting us know about the Downton Abbey Collection at the museum. Thanks, Jeanne

  25. Brian Beetz said:

    It’s hard to believe that almost a year has passed since you hired me to join your team as a Regulatory Specialist at Labelmaster. I have sincerely enjoyed working for you, and it has been an honor to be trained by such a great leader in the Dangerous Goods industry. My only regret is that this experience did not occur earlier in my career. Thank you for all that you have done over the years for Labelmaster, our customers, and the entire industry as a whole. The positive impacts you have made are profound and admirable. Congratulations on a wonderful career. I wish you the best always!

    • Jeanne Zmich said:


      You have been such a great addition to the Labelmaster regulatory department. Thank you for everything that you have contributed to the department. I enjoy working with you and respect your knowledge of the regulations. I wish you great success in your career and life. Jeanne

  26. Michele Sullivan said:

    Dear Jeanne,

    It has been a pleasure knowing you and working with you. The hazard communication and dangerous goods disciplines are better because of your involvement. I will miss you, your professional knowledge and balanced approach. Your long support of SCHC and its activities has been appreciated. I wish you all the best in retirement.

    Michele Sullivan

    • Jeanne Zmich said:


      You have been one of my longest connections in the hazard communications community long before the Haz-Com standard was devised and published. It has been such a pleasure working with you and PURPLE is still the best color. I wish you the very best in the future.


  27. Migdalia said:

    Congratulations, Jeanne. Truly a pleasure working with you through out the years. Best wishes in your retirement.

  28. Rebecca Cernick said:

    Congratulations Jeanne! Wishing you the best on your retirement. It was great working with you at the DGAC. You inspired me as a woman in the DG field when I met you several years ago. You have greatly contributed to the industry and for that we will always be grateful!

    • Jeanne Zmich said:


      Thank you for your comments. I have enjoyed working with you and I am glad that we are seeing more competent women like you coming into the profession. Jeanne

  29. Steve Schulte said:

    Congratulations, Jeanne. I enjoyed working with you over the years. I always enjoyed your do it right attitude. Enjoy your well deserved retirement. Steve

  30. Deanna Hartwell said:

    Congratulations Jeanne!
    I hope you find lots of wonderful tings to do in your retirement! It was a great experience working with you.

  31. Chuck McHugh said:

    Hey Jeanne;
    Welcome to the world of the retired! I wish you a very long and happy retirement. Your many contributions to the industry, your wise counsel and friendly and easy going manner will be sorely missed. Take care and enjoy the freedom from everybody else’s priorities.

    • Jeanne Zmich said:


      Thank you for your comments. I truly appreciate the time I had working with you. I especially appreciate your last sentence. That is freedom to enjoy. Jeanne

  32. Alan Roberts said:

    My best wishes to you Jeanne. While I have been retired from DOT 16 years now, I recall the many time you, Harry Fund, and other Labelmaster folks provided us outstanding support and assistance. I assume you will be missed; however, there comes a time for us to move on to other life’s opportunities. Please enjoy them AR

    • Jeanne Zmich said:

      Thank you for your comments. You have always been wonderful to work with and an early pioneer in the safe transport of dangerous goods. As you say I am looking forward to the many other opportunities life offers.


  33. David Hiromura said:


    It’s been a while as I have been delinquent in attending DGAC recently. Happy to hear you are off to better things, but sad I won’t get to see you at this year’s annual. Thanks for all your kindness and friendship over the years and best of luck on the road ahead.


  34. Ben Barrett said:

    Hi Jeanne, best wishes in your retirement!

  35. Neil Wrobleski said:

    Lean mean Jean – we had some good laughs and fun times in our “escapades” over the years! We sure will miss you. Enjoy your retirement, you’ve earned it! Lots of Love, Neil & Diane

    • Jeanne Zmich said:

      Dear Neil and Diane,

      As chiefs of the fun committee for all meetings I always enjoyed being with you both. You always knew how to get the work done right and to enjoy it as well. Thanks for they many great times we spent.


  36. Don Hausmann said:

    Have a long and happy retirement. Do not forget if you get bored to spend some time volunteering.

  37. Christopher Tucker said:

    This is a retirement that has truly been earned. Congratulations Jeanne!

    Not only is Jeanne a virtual cornucopia of information regarding regulations, she is a true friend and leader. I will never forget the time I spent under her wonderful guidance. All of the best wishes I can muster go with Jeanne. On the 16th I will sadly be playing Janis Joplin all day since not only is Jeanne extremely knowledgeable, she literally rocks!

    • Jeanne Zmich said:

      Dear Chris,

      Nothing could be a better promise than Janis all day. Take another little piece of my heart for the safe transport of Dangerous Goods.


  38. Steve Hunt said:


    It has, truly, been a pleasure to work with you over the years. I sincerely appreciate everything that you have done for Kris and I and our company, ShipMate. You gave us an opportunity many years ago and it will always be appreciated. I thank you for always being there and to provide assistance and counsel whenever needed. We will miss you, but wish you the very best in your retirement. And, if you ever find yourself out west in Sisters, Oregon – we’d love to see you and have you stay with us! All the best, dear!

    • Jeanne Zmich said:

      Dear Steve,

      It has been wonderful knowing and working with you and Kris. So many great memories. I wish you both great success and happiness. Jeanne


  39. Scott Surovi said:

    Jeanne, it has been a pleasure to collaborate, engage and get to know you over the years. Your knowledge and experience has been a valuable asset to the HM/DG transport industry – THANK YOU! Congratulations and best wishes as you begin a new chapter in your life – enjoy your new career known as retirement!!!

  40. Don Bossow said:


    I’m happy that I got the opportunity to get to know you and work together on the COSTHA Board and committees over the years. It was a pleasure and you will be missed. Enjoy your retirement years!

  41. Pia Jala said:

    Hey Jeanne,
    It wont be the same without you, it will keep moving but it will not have the same air and emotion. I will miss our chats so I have decided we will just keep having them, the way I look at it you will have more time to listen to my insane ideas and nod your head in agreement (you really are a kind soul). You will have more time to go with me to the Swedish restaurant and we can go shopping (while talking about DG of course). Anytime you want to go on a road trip I’m there for you just say the word. So basically THANK YOU for everything you have done for everyone, I will continue to bug you WAAAYYY past your 16th date, I know you deserve the peace and quiet after all the years, but hey peace and quiet are over always your friend/colleague/admirer..

    • Jeanne Zmich said:

      I was at the Swedish restaurant yesterday and the Swedish shop and thought of you. I am also thinking of you as I am wrapping up a little box of golden screws………so many memories. Jeanne

  42. Donna Bradt Horn said:


    Congratulations. I am so happy for you. I have enjoyed our working relationship over the past twenty years and our times spent together. You are a professional that always had your customers and the law’s best interest. The world need more people like you. Again, best wishes and enjoy yourself.

  43. Kurtis Kline said:

    Jeanne Zmich…the original JZ! You are truly a leader in your field, and Labelmaster will miss your expertise and guidance through the regulatory labyrinth. It has been quite awhile since my days on Pulaski Road, but I always recall them fondly. You were such a great resource for me, and I knew I would always get a straight answer whenever I approached you. You took the time to help me learn about an industry in which I am still involved today. Your tutelage helped forge my career, and for that I am eternally grateful. I wish nothing but the best for you in your retirement…Now you’ll be living the “6 Saturdays and a Sunday” lifestyle! We are all very jealous! Congratulations, and best wishes to you Jeanne!

  44. Laurie Moore said:

    Sending my prayers for a long, happy, healthy retirement! It is now time to spend the retirement fund FINALLY! Your leadership and friendship will be sorely missed, but you leave us all with a deeper knowledge of compliance. God bless you and ENJOY!

    • Jeanne Zmich said:


      Working with you and attending meetings was always a great pleasure. I will definitely miss seeing you. I wish you the very best in the future.


  45. Jeff Sader said:

    Over your long career at Labelmaster you have seen this company grow and change in countless ways.
    You have always been the steady hand that we could count on to keep us centered.
    Leading by example you were never less than professional, courteous, fun and just a great person to be around.
    I think it’s appropriate that your name lives on among all the conference rooms named for Chicago icons.
    Who needs Grant Park when we have Jeanne Zmich!

  46. Candy Cook said:

    Dearest Jeanne,
    I’ve read over all the previous posts and am just wondering how you must feel reading them. Overwhelming. Although I haven’t seen you at the last few conferences, it’s always been, “Where’s Jeanne? When is she getting here?” You have and always will be the Conference Queen, an example of grace under pressure. No matter who you were speaking to or working with, you always left them feeling better, welcome and knowing a little bit more. You’ve always worked tirelessly promoting a safer DG world and developing new people coming into this crazy industry. All that aside, I’m going to miss the love, laughter and occasional tears we’ve shared together. I wish you wonderful sleep late days ahead. Thank you for being a part of my life. You make it better.
    Love you,

    • Jeanne Zmich said:

      Dear Candy,

      It was realty a great pleasure working with you all of these years. Thank you for your very kind message and I do hope to be able to see you again.


  47. Tim Sorensen said:

    Jeanne is GENUINELY a wonderful lady. Jeanne is the most patient person on the planet!!! I don’t know what Jeanne did for Labelmaster, but I know everyone loved working for her:) I really don’t know what to say, so I will say this——if I had choice (and I could not choose my mom) for a mom——–I would choose Jeanne Zmich I bet there are a whole bunch of people out there that would say the same thing:)
    Jeanne Zmich is one of the greatest ladies of all time!! She is very special:)

  48. Bill Barger said:

    Even though I only had the opportunity to work with you this short period of time, I’ve actually known you for some time. Best of luck with your retirement! Enjoy yourself and keep in touch.

  49. Howard Skolnik said:

    Dear Jeanne,
    It has been a pleasure, and honor, to work with you for most of our careers in the Hazmat community. We have shared so many meetings, projects and flights together. Your contributions to our field have always been proactive, creative and thoughtful. I’m not sure what plans you have for this next phase of life, but I know that you have a global network of friends that are wishing you health and happiness. Happy Retirement!! Congratulations!!

  50. Dave Peters said:

    Dear Jeanne,
    Dear Jeanne,
    I will miss seeing you at the various conferences of DGAC, SCHC and DGIS. I have always enjoyed our conversations and the rambling musings on the regulation du jour. I have always appreciated your common sense approach and in the manner in which you communicate. It was always easy, low key, right on target and with a tremendous smile and a warm heart. Thank you for all of the support you have given to me, my company, SCHC and DGAC.
    What an amazing career! I wish you all the best and truly hope that you enjoy your retirement and that is restful, wonderful and wonder-filled. Happy Retirement!

  51. Tracie Cady said:

    When I started at Labelmaster, I was only going to stay for 2 years. Fresh out of college, I just needed a job that got me out of my parents house. I had no idea that this gentle lady was going to have such a profound impact on my life. She taught me that it was ok to stick to my opinions even if they differed from hers. She let me make mistakes as it was the only way I was going to learn sometimes. Most of all, she turned a stubborn, immature kid into successful and grateful adult.

    Over 15 years, we made so many products; most of which are still being used in the market and many copied by our competitors. We traveled together and learned together. We annoyed each other and pushed each other. And when she recognized it was time for me to move on to other challenges, she pushed me to go. Even after moving to DGM, she was still available for advise whenever I needed it.

    Jeanne, thank you. Enjoy retirement.

    • Jeanne Zmich said:


      Thank you for your wonderful comments. There are so many wonderful memories of trips, new products and projects and above all wonderful memories. Jeanne

  52. Susan Schneider said:

    Jeanne –
    I have so much to thank you for…your patience and your tireless love for detail has had a life long effect on me. You slowed me down, caused me to stop think look around and take control of situation all the while enjoying life. So many memories flood my mind, the many late nights at work, the many regulatory explanations and discussions and then there is Branson….
    Thank you Thelma
    Love Louise

  53. Michae Kaufman said:

    I just want to thank you for all that you have done for me. I know I reported to you early in my career but I have always considered you my first professional mentor. You have taught me so much about so many different things. You were so patient with me, far beyond what I would have been with myself. You taught me to be open minded to new ideas, the importance of diplomacy, that success can only occur when you have buy in from others.
    You had also taught me that government regulations can be exciting when new rules are made and new products need to be development to help our customers.
    I will truly miss seeing you at the office on a regular basis but wish you the best in your well deserved retirement.

  54. Betty Dedmond said:

    Hi Jeanne, It’s me Betty from the art department, so happy to hear your retiring and hope you will enjoy it. Don’t know if I can make it to your luncheon but I wish you the best, always liked talking to you and working with you. Maybe I will see you in Des Plaines, Love Betty

  55. Gloria Zagozdon said:

    Dear Jeanne:

    Friend and mentor, there are not enough words to express my sincere appreciation for all that you have done and shared, not only for Labelmaster, through your distinguished career, but to me personally. You are so kind and sharing, your guidance has been such a great example you have given for all who work here. You will be truly missed – every day! I wish you great happiness in your retirement and always,
    With deepest gratitude and love,

  56. Carrie Wayne said:

    Dear Jeanne, I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to get to know you over the years. You have always been an inspiration to everyone you have met and I will never forget your consistent positive, happy outlook and your total professionalism. I will miss seeing you at COSTHA and am sad that I won’t have the chance to work with you on the BOD but I am happy that you will finally be able to enjoy some rest and relaxation. I wish you a long, healthy, happy retirement and hope we meet again someday.

  57. L'Gena Shaffer said:


    thank you for your patience, your smile, your wisdom and for always being will to take the time to answer questions. You will be missed. Congratulations on your well deserved retirement. All the best! L’Gena

  58. Janet Kolodziey-Nykolyn said:

    Jeanne –
    You were one of the first at COSTHA to welcome me to the world of dangerous goods transportation. You took me under your wing and helped guide me; you made me a better person and a stronger professional. I will be forever grateful for our friendship and will miss you terribly.
    I wish you all the best in your retirement. Sleep late, have fun, and enjoy life without the hassles of work. Happiness Always!!!
    Janet Kolodziey-Nykolyn

  59. Michael leahy said:

    Congratulations Hope your retirement is filled with joy good health and much happiness

  60. Linda Gwilym said:


    I was one of the few Seattle folks lucky enough to get to work directly with you, and it was simply the best part of my job. Everyone knew that those folks that worked with you were extremely loyal, and I was lucky enough to be brought half-way, remotely into your fold. Shoot, if I was still at Labelmaster, I would have been holding onto your leg as you skipped out the door to retirement! As it is, I wish you all the best for whatever fun and leisure you have in store. Don’t worry, I’ll still be chatting with you from afar about movies, the Oscars, and what have you. And how about this: Next time I make it to Chicago, I’ll try to plan it around EbertFest because we totally should go together!

    Best wishes and HUGE thanks for everything,
    Linda 🙂

  61. Bill Gramer said:

    Thanks for your wonderful example of loyalty to a private company dedicated to public safety. Few have such long successful careers anywhere and fewer yet at one company. Best wishes!

  62. Nancy Panos said:


    You gave me a chance at a job that I am pretty sure you did not originally think I was a good fit for. Then, you mentored me and gave me loads of opportunity to be challenged and learn how to be excellent. Now, so many years later, I continue to think of you and what I learned, mentor employees how you did, and pass on your tremendous business acumen. In the future, I hope that I touch lives the same as you have.

    You deserve a wonderful retirement full of fun, world travel and any other goal you’ve made for yourself.


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