Supply Chain Moves: Week of August 21st, 2023


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Week of August 21st, 2023

Linking supply chain news with dangerous goods compliance

Market growth across different industries presents tremendous opportunities for businesses. But it can also bring a wide range of supply chain challenges that must be addressed to capitalize on that potential.  

Let’s examine some recent industry news. 



  • Market growth brings compliance challenges. The growth of e-commerce, the booming electric vehicle market, and the rise in consumer goods that utilize lithium batteries have led to more dangerous goods (DG) being shipped, making compliance more challenging and essential than ever. Moving DG is a complex, time-consuming, and challenging process, and in today’s highly competitive environment, organizations that ignore DG compliance put their operational efficiency, competitive agility and bottom line at risk. 
  • Compliance impacts your competitive position. Hazmat compliance is not just a cost of doing business but a value-added component that contributes to profitability. Businesses that ship DG effectively have a competitive edge by offering products that other companies cannot and shipping those products safely and faster than competitors. This allows businesses to grow, scale and expand product lines faster while maintaining a safe and efficient supply chain.  
  • Automation supports growth. Forward-thinking companies must have the processes and infrastructure to support growth. Automating and standardizing DG shipping processes enables smooth and efficient operations while creating supply chain resilience and business continuity. By establishing repeatable processes with DG shipping technology, organizations can put in place steps that allow them to ship DG from multiple locations, ship new products compliantly and scale along with increasing customer demand.  

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