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With the growing proliferation of lithium batteries, here’s how we’ve got safe shipping covered 

With the growing proliferation of lithium batteries, here’s how we’ve got safe shipping covered 

Lithium batteries power our lives—from smartphones and power tools to hoverboards and e-bikes. But their potential fire risk is so significant that airlines don’t even allow them in checked bags. The lithium battery chain is now expected to grow by more than 30 percent annually for the remainder of the decade, with a market size

Faster than coffee: Automating hazmat shipping with DGIS software

Why do so many people love single-serve coffee makers? Because they make a complex process simple and fast. That’s also why many hazmat organizations use advanced automation software. Dangerous Goods transport is one of the most complex processes in modern industry. Automation solutions that make hazmat shipping simpler and faster are essential for keeping your

What customers are saying about Labelmaster’s new line of CurTec shipping products

Recently, Labelmaster announced the addition of CurTec high-performance plastic containers, drums and pails to our already robust packaging offering—allowing us to provide the industry’s broadest assortment of UN-certified primary containers. For Dangerous Goods (DG) pros, the lineup may be the right packaging solution to fit their needs for safe and compliant shipping. Here’s what we’ve

4 ways non-essential hazmat training can boost your career.

Regulations mandate that hazmat employees—i.e., people who directly handle or supervise shipments of Dangerous Goods—be trained to perform their specific functions. To comply with these regulations, you may already participate in training sessions, or be taking one or more online hazmat training courses. That training is mandatory. But what about hazmat training that isn’t mandatory?

Why lithium battery shippers must examine insurance costs and coverage

Shipping lithium batteries or battery-powered devices is an ongoing challenge. From the everyday batteries that power laptops and games to the larger batteries that power eBikes to the massive ones that power electric vehicles, complying with evolving regulations takes expertise and dedication. But regulatory compliance isn’t the only challenge. What about insurance? In recent years,

A Simple Guide to 2023/24 Dangerous Goods Regulatory Books

The simple guide to 2023/24 Dangerous Goods regulatory books Don’t look now, but it’s almost winter, and it will be 2024 before you know it. That means new Dangerous Goods regulations will soon be coming into force—and you’ll need new regulatory publications to keep track of them. Of course, sometimes it’s hard just keeping track

DGIS Challenge

How hazmat shipping automation helps you find hidden demand (and revenue).

Can you really grow your operation’s revenue by simply automating with hazmat software? That’s the basis of our DGIS Challenge page, where you can feed numbers from your operation into our simple calculator to see how our Dangerous Goods Information System can help you execute more hazmat shipments every day. And more shipments equals more

Top 12 questions (and answers) about Capsuloc™ secondary hazmat containers

“Why didn’t someone think of this sooner?” That’s one question we hear a lot about our new Capsuloc™ secondary hazmat containers. They don’t look or work like the metal can exemption shippers Dangerous Goods shippers have used for decades. But once people see all the advantages Capsuloc kits offer, they want to know as many

8 Dangerous Goods myths and misconceptions—busted!

Remember Mythbusters? A couple of former Hollywood effects pros created one of the top shows on cable TV by debunking popular myths and misconceptions. They proved—over and over—that just because “everyone knows” something doesn’t make it true. If there were a supply chain TV network, Dangerous Goods professionals could probably run their own version of