New video explores Dangerous Goods compliance at 30,000 feet

Mike Wentz is Manager of Cargo Compliance for American Airlines, but when he talks about his job he could be speaking for any Dangerous Goods professional in any capacity:

“I knew I’d never be comfortable in the role unless I could understand the regulations back to front and be able to communicate them effectively.”

Get a three-minute peek into one of the more unique jobs in Dangerous Goods in “Living the DG Life: Ensuring Compliance for Shipments by Air.”

Wentz says, “It’s my team’s job to make sure everything that gets loaded into our aircraft follows the strictest safety regulations. We take it very seriously.”

And his views on regulations and training will ring true with any DG pro: “It’s really a world of exceptions. The regulations might seem cut and dried, but there are exceptions for everything and everyone—which makes it hard to standardize training for your employees.”

This video is the third in our “Living the DG Life” series. See the others here.


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