Game-inspired hazmat training rocks. What about training for the rest of your life?

Since we released our new General Awareness Hazmat Training course earlier in 2023, Dangerous Goods pros have been saying it’s the coolest, most accessible online hazmat training course ever. It’s not only a lot more engaging than most DG training, it’s actually fun.

This game-inspired training module takes you inside a virtual warehouse, where you encounter different hazmat-related challenges and use your knowledge to solve them. For instance, there’s a breakroom where you have to identify all 10 hazmat items scattered throughout. Then you move to a rack of labeling supplies where you’re challenged to correctly mark and label a package.

And it all happens in an immersive, 3D experience that looks and feels like a visit to the Metaverse on your computer or laptop—without the clunky headset.

Why did we build this experience? Because better training is smarter business. Simply put, people learn more when they’re having fun—and the more effectively people learn Dangerous Goods processes and regulations, the more efficiently their operations can run.

What if there were immersive 3D training for life’s other challenges?

Dangerous Goods transport might be the perfect topic for game-inspired training, because it requires hazmat employees to remember literally thousands of detailed regulations while they’re simultaneously doing their jobs. It’s a lot like playing a game, online or in real life—you can’t just stop everything to go and look up the rules.

But there are lots of other real-life activities where it would be helpful to learn the rules with an immersive, game-like experience. Here are a few we thought might be worthwhile.


When you’re elbow-deep in topsoil, that’s no time to forget which annuals prefer partial shade and which need full sun. An immersive online experience could help you plant everything in the perfect spots for sunlight, water retention and rabbit deterrence.

Packing for vacation

How many times have you stuffed your big shampoo bottle into your carry-on bag? Or remembered (after your plane has taken off) that you forgot those pills that manage your motion sickness? You need to practice your packing with a 3D game before these little mistakes make your vacation more stressful.

Setting up a home entertainment system

Wouldn’t it be great to practice placing and connecting all your TV and audio components before you start drilling holes in the wall?

Making Thanksgiving dinner

Talk about stress! You only get one shot at Thanksgiving dinner, and the family is on their way. But imagine if you could play out a full dry run—appetizers, cocktails, desserts, side dishes and even a 20-pound turkey—on your laptop the night before. You might not have to uncork the wine four hours before your hyper-critical Aunt Josie shows up.

Raising a teenager

This would be the premium bonus edition: an immersive online game that remembers everything your kid says from age 11 on, and uses machine learning to give you the perfect response for every heartfelt question, clothing crisis, romantic trauma, homework panic and curfew violation. Instead of practicing and taking quizzes, however, you’d simply wear a headset 24/7 and handle every new challenge in real time.

More 3D experiences for better hazmat training

Our new General Awareness course is the most advanced, most immersive one we’ve ever created—but it’s not the only Labelmaster training module to feature an interactive, 3D experience. You can also enjoy game-inspired knowledge checks on these essential courses:

We developed the 3D experience that accompanies these courses because when people enjoy their training, they remember more of what they learn—and better-trained hazmat workers keep the entire supply chain safer.

Need suggestions about the best courses for your operation? Contact Labelmaster!

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