With the growing proliferation of lithium batteries, here’s how we’ve got safe shipping covered 

Lithium batteries power our lives—from smartphones and power tools to hoverboards and e-bikes. But their potential fire risk is so significant that airlines don’t even allow them in checked bags. The lithium battery chain is now expected to grow by more than 30 percent annually for the remainder of the decade, with a market size of 4.7 terawatt hours by 2030, according to a McKinsey Battery Insights analysis. Such explosive market growth comes with increased safety risks in battery handling, storage and shipping. 

That’s where ObexionAG—a lightweight, customizable granulate that can stop battery fires in their tracks and keep shipments safe—comes in. Labelmaster is super-charging the safe handling of lithium batteries with a revolutionary new shipping container empowered by Dolav’s AkkuGrain®. Available as part of Labelmaster’s line of Obexion protective packaging, Obexion AG offers a safe, simple and cost-effective packaging solution designed specifically for transporting and storing lithium batteries.  

New, end-of-life or damaged batteries nestle on a cushion of AkkuGrain granulate inside UN-certified box pallets—kind of like packing peanuts that keep your shipments safe instead of making a mess when you open the container. In fact, the granulate delivers total protection and safety for lithium battery shipping and handling at the lowest cost and container weight. And because it’s a full-scope solution for storing and shipping new, damaged, end-of-life, prototype and ready-to-be-recycled batteries, Obexion AG doesn’t require secondary, overpack components or void fill materials. 

Here’s why AkkuGrain is such a DG shipping game-changer: 

  • Active fire fighting: Unlike other solutions that allow the battery to burn and simply isolates a fire, AkkuGrain actively suppresses the event before it becomes a problem—instantly reducing temperatures and dousing the flames in cases of thermal runaway.  
  • Clean and Environmentally Safe: The AkkuGrain granulate neutralizes toxic gases, releasing them as harmless water vapor. Not only is it a great example of eco-friendly fire control but there won’t be any toxic smoke filling the room, if an event were to take place 
  • Lightweight and easy to use: Forget those clunky steel boxes. AkkuGrain comes in reusable bags and can be easily placed around your batteries in Obexion AG containers. 
  • Scalable and customizable: Obexion AG containers are available in multiple sizes and can be tailored to any storage and shipping scenario. Plus, production is lightning-fast compared to traditional options, making it readily available and affordable. 
  • Certified safe: AkkuGrain boxes boast the highest fire safety certifications in Europe and North America. That’s peace of mind you can ship anywhere. 

We’re proud to partner with Dolav to lead the charge toward a safer, more sustainable future for lithium battery handling with AkkuGrain and Obexion AG solutions. They’re a key component of Labelmaster’s growing portfolio of lithium battery packaging resources

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