Dangerous Goods Report | Vol. 11

DG Report Vol. 11


Volume 11 of the Dangerous Goods Report focuses on how today’s “I want it now” e-commerce consumer has forced every supply chain organization to rethink and re-engineer how they do business. How do Dangerous Goods professionals ensure compliance in the new decentralized, omnichannel e-commerce environment?

Hazmat transport in today’s “get it tomorrow” world. 
How top DG pros handle compliance and safety in the new e-commerce landscape.

Is your operation “Competitively Compliant?
The 2019 Global DG Confidence Outlook reveals three segments of hazmat shippers.

Mother Nature has no respect for your compliance record.
That’s why we developed a line of labels, marks and placards for extreme conditions.

Do you know how your lithium battery packaging was tested?
Five questions you should ask to know if your packaging can handle your shipments.

Are you a DG genius?
Have fun with these Dangerous Goods-themed word games!

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