Supply Chain Moves: Week of September 18th, 2023


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Week of September 18th, 2023

Linking supply chain news with dangerous goods compliance

It is only September, but supply chain professionals are already thinking about 2024 and beyond. Monitoring emerging trends and challenges is important in order to proactively plan for the future.

Let’s examine some recent industry news on how to navigate supply chain disruptions. 



  • Challenges remain. Ongoing supply chain disruptions along with the continued growth of e-commerce and markets that rely on DG – from consumer products to electric vehicles – have made shipping goods safely and compliantly increasingly difficult. To meet the future growth in DG shipments, organizations need well-trained professionals following globally agreed standards and supported by the right technology and infrastructure. 
  • Need for DG investment. The annual 2023 Global Dangerous Goods Confidence Outlook showed that while DG professionals are generally optimistic about the future, 72% need more support to adapt to supply chain and regulatory changes. The survey results highlighted the need to reduce process complexity, establish effective staff recruitment/retention programs, and enhance digitalization to facilitate the safe and compliant transport of DG.  
  • Compliance tools are available. Challenges with DG process, labor and training are still present, but compliance tools are available to address these needs, including:  
    • Reduce Complexity: Establish repeatable processes with DG software.  
    • Digitalization: Integrate DG software into ERP and WMS to ensure complete, accurate data, for example, connecting DG AutoCheck via API Connect.  
    • Training: Strengthen employees’ understanding of DG regulations with immersive 3D experiences

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