Supply Chain Moves: Week of October 18th, 2021

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Week of October 18th, 2021

Linking supply chain news with dangerous goods compliance

The supply chain crisis continues to be a major problem for businesses and consumers around the world…and that doesn’t appear to be changing anytime soon.  

Let’s examine some recent industry news.


  • Fixing Supply Chain Won’t Be Easy, Experts Say: Fixing the broken supply chain will take time and patience, substantial amounts of money, imagination by key leaders in the transportation and logistics industry, and significant policy changes.


  • Plan for disruptions and delays. The risk of shipping delays is greater than ever, whether goods are sitting in a warehouse, in a shipping container or trailer, or before the order fulfillment process even begins. When shipping goods, especially perishables and other temperature-controlled goods, it’s even more critical to plan for delays due to the number of potential supply chain disruptions that are likely in today’s environment, and the risk of goods being ruined. The ability to adapt or withstand delays will impact how you select packaging, cooling solutions and carriers.
  • Data transparency is critical. All goods have requirements that will impact how goods are packaged, stored and shipped. Having access to critical data that impacts supply chain operations, whether it’s shipping restrictions for hazmat, temperature ranges (in both the warehouses and in transit) or how long it can be at ambient temperatures before it is ruined, is a necessity. But don’t just keep that information to yourself and assume others have access to it as well. It needs to be clearly communicated to other divisions within your company along with your supply chain partners.
  • Don’t let compliance issues add further delays. Businesses are already experiencing delays due to port congestion, the driver shortage, high shipping volumes and much more, so the last thing you want is further delays due to compliance-related issues. Now is the time to address any compliance gaps within your operations – whether it’s outdated training programs, reliance on manual processes or simply being unaware of what regulations must be followed – or you risk further unwanted delays, inefficiencies and costs.

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