DG Digest: OSHA renews ICR on safety of scissor lifts

The last full week of June and the official beginning of the summer season find regulatory activity at a quiet minimum. One big question as we begin to approach July: the status of PHMSA’s emergency exemptions surrounding both training re-certifications and the domestic ground shipment of alcohol-based hand sanitizers. These exemptions have allowed for the non-standard treatment of the two subjects since early April, and will both expire by the end of July, if not extended.  It should be noted that the expiration date of the hand sanitizer exemption is somewhat cloudy, since the language of the exemption notes that it expires “90 days from the date of issuance (April 10th)” or “until the “end of the public health emergency, whichever is sooner.”  At the time of publication of this issue of the blog, no new announcements have come from PHMSA regarding the status of any extension (or not) of these exemptions.  Labelmaster will continue to monitor the status of the subject, and will bring you any news if or when it may be promulgated.  Meanwhile, here’s the latest from what was again a very quiet week:


The agency published a renewal of an ICR dealing with powered work platforms. Commonly called scissor lifts due to the appearance of the height extension mechanism that equips many such units, such devices are common in industry for use in facility maintenance.  OSHA seeks to ensure the best possible safety parameters are in place for the use of these helpful but potentially dangerous units.  See the ICR here.

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