Why Capsuloc™ hazmat containers have shippers kicking the can. Literally.

Paint can-style secondary hazmat containers have been a necessary evil for decades. They’re essential for shipping certain Dangerous Goods, but no one really likes them. Given a better alternative, most DG operations would kick the paint can shipper like a bad habit.

With the introduction of Capsuloc™ — now with special permit DOT-SP 21488 and accepted as exemption by UPS and FedEx — that alternative is actually here—and DG pros are kicking the can. Literally.

Plenty of reasons to dislike the paint can

Okay, we clearly had a little fun with the idea. (Any resemblance to Labelmaster employees and vendors in the above video was completely unavoidable.) You and your colleagues probably won’t be placekicking or punting your paint can containers any time soon*.

But we wouldn’t blame you if you did.

After all, there are plenty of reasons to dislike paint can secondary containers:

  • They leak. The whole point of a secondary container is to, well, contain hazardous materials if the primary container fails. But paint can lids fit so poorly they require ring locks to keep them closed—and even then, they still sometimes leak.
  • They require ring locks, which are a pain in the neck to put on, and even more trouble to get off.
  • You need a mallet to pound them closed. Or you could get one of those pricey machines.
  • You need a screwdriver or other tool to pry them open. What could go wrong?
  • They damage easily. It doesn’t take much to dent, scratch or puncture a paint can container—which means you can’t reuse it.

Paint can containers, in other words, are highly kick-worthy. That’s why we decided to create a better alternative.

An easier, more reliable secondary hazmat container

Capsuloc is the next generation of hazmat shipping secondary container. We designed it to be more reliable than the old paint can container, not to mention more convenient, easier, and leak-proof. Here’s what makes it so much better.

  • A simple, twist-off lid that requires no tools to open or close, and never requires a ring lock
  • A completely leakproof seal that—unlike the unreliable paint can lid—screws to a tight close and stays closed
  • Durable, dent-resistant material that’s nearly impossible to gash or puncture
  • Kits that weigh 32% less to reduce shipping costs with every shipment
  • Compact kit design that allows twice as many kits to fit on a pallet, saving you storage space

Capsuloc has also undergone rigorous UN testing, and (with a pressure tested primary container) can be compliantly shipped in its UN 4GV packaging kit by all modes of transportation.

In short, Capsuloc is easier to use, more reliable, more durable and more economical. Plus, it’s completely recyclable, made in the USA, and (when you use a new UN fiberboard box kit and follow inspection criteria guidelines) reusable over and over again.

No wonder so many hazmat operations are kicking the can and switching to Capsuloc.

Ready to kick the can?

Wondering whether Capsuloc is a fit for your operation? Call the experts at Labelmaster to discuss your materials, your workflows and all the details that go into making the best packaging decisions.

You may decide it’s time to tee up some paint cans of your own. Kick away!

*If you do decide to kick some paint cans out in your parking lot, shoot a video and share the link with us in the comment box below. We will absolutely post your video on our social channels!

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