A.I.R. Shipper 2013 Addendum/Corrigendum Issued

AIR Shipper 2013Users of Labelmaster’s A.I.R. Shipper (Air International Regulations for Shippers of Dangerous Goods) should take note that the first Addendum/Corrigendum (or revision) of the regulations for 2013 has been released.

A variety of sources are used for this revision; however, the primary source remains the regulations promulgated by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).  A.I.R. Shipper presents a complete, compact and clarified version of these regulations.  ICAO experts meet several times per year to consider changes to the regulations governing the transport of Dangerous Goods (Hazardous Materials) by air, and such changes as are agreed to then appear as approved revisions to the regulations.  Another source for revisions are changes to specific requirements (in addition to the regulations) promulgated by various countries and or airlines.  These changes often represent modifications or additions established by members of the International Air Transport Association (IATA).  Changes which may be “in the pipeline” but are not yet officially approved (like ICAO’s pending revision to some Excepted Quantities limits) do not appear, but will be promulgated in future Addenda/Corrigenda as required.

While it is important to ensure that all of the promulgated changes are incorporated into the regulations, according to Neil McCulloch, Managing Editor of A.I.R. Shipper, some standout points in the first 2013 Addendum/Corrigendum that may evoke particular interest include:

  1. Revised date information in reference to package marking requirements for non-bulk packages as regards sizing for UN ID numbers.
  2. Extensive new variations for the LAN family of airlines

Users of A.I.R. Shipper can download a copy of the Addendum/Corrigendum.  For further information, please visit the Labelmaster website and or the A.I.R. Shipper website. You may also always contact the Regulatory Department at Labelmaster for assistance.

It is imperative that shippers of Dangerous Goods in all modes verify that they have the latest updates to the regulations governing this important transport niche.  Labelmaster’s 2013 A.I.R. Shipper Addendum/Corrigendum No. 1 will assist users in keeping “right on the top line!”