DG Digest: Federal Agencies Release Semi-annual Agendas

Many federal agencies released semi-regulatory agendas last week, including both the STB and FRA. BNSF 3270 South leads a freight train through the twin bridges at Sumner, Washington on the main line from Seattle to Tacoma. Photo © 1/2022 by Nikki Burgess; all rights reserved.

Here we are at the end of January already!  One month gone from the New Year.  Hopefully, your resolutions are still sticking.  Meanwhile, time flies, but at least we’re all a month closer to the new Spring.  Let’s all get through the rest of the winter safely—keep your cold weather plan up to date and operating until we all welcome the new flowers.  Here’s the latest regulatory news:

Semi-Annual Regulatory Agendas

Several federal agencies have released semi-annual agendas.  These outline the plans each agency has for regulatory activity in the next six-month period.  See them here:

CPSC: 2021-27973.pdf (govinfo.gov)

USEPA: 2021-27970.pdf (govinfo.gov)

GSA (2): 2021-27965.pdf (govinfo.gov) and: 2021-27966.pdf (govinfo.gov)

Homeland Security: 2021-27977.pdf (govinfo.gov)

DOL: 2021-28220.pdf (govinfo.gov)

NRC: 2021-27962.pdf (govinfo.gov)

STB: 2021-27963.pdf (govinfo.gov)

DOT: 2021-27948.pdf (govinfo.gov)


The agency is withdrawing the November 5, 2021, emergency temporary standard (ETS) which was issued to protect unvaccinated employees of large employers (100 or more employees) from the risk of contracting COVID–19 by strongly encouraging vaccination. The withdrawal is effective January 26, 2022. See the order here.

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