DG Digest: FMCSA announces listening session on automating CMVs on U.S. roadways

Summer vacation time brings a typical slowdown of regulatory activity and that is much the case this week, although EPA and FMCSA both issued notices dealing with withdrawals of certain regulatory actions taken during the Obama Administration.   Here’s the latest:


  • The FMCSA announces a public listening session on July 12, 2018, to solicit information on issues relating to the design, development, testing, and integration of automated driving systems (ADS) equipped commercial motor vehicles (CMVs) on our Nation’s roadways. See the meeting link here
  • The agency is withdrawing a plan to revise carrier safety reporting data requirements that were first proposed in 2015 as a way to provide the public and shippers with a better and more transparent way to review how safe motor carriers were in a number of ways; maintenance, hazmat transport, driver safety, etc.  The current administration is cancelling the plan and has withdrawn the preview website for the data reporting.  See the related notice here


The purpose of this supplemental notice is for the agency to clarify, supplement and seek additional comment on an earlier proposal, published on July 27, 2017, to repeal the 2015 Rule Defining Waters of the United States, which amended portions of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR). As stated in the agencies’ July 27, 2017 Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM), the agency proposes to repeal the 2015 Rule and restore the regulatory text that existed prior to the 2015 Rule, as informed by guidance in effect at that time.  If you’d like to comment on this rather controversial action, see the link here for how to do so

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