DG Digest: LithBat Webinar on Wednesday, EPA on Hydrological Alteration, and the TSA’s BASE Program

BNSF Puget Sound

The FRA continues its focus on safety, announcing additional details about its cooperative program to inspect rail bridges in partnership with local governments. Here a BNSF Railway train passes over a small bridge along the Puget Sound in Steilacoom, Washington. Image © 4/2016 by Nikki Burgess; all rights reserved.

As part of our nation basks in Spring warmth and other areas get snowed under, the DG news flow this week was a little more quiet than has been the recent norm.  Here are the most relevant briefs:

Special Lithium Battery Regulatory Update Webinar:

Shipping Lithium Batteries by air remains a huge topic of interest in the transport world. This week Labelmaster will offer a new webinar featuring our own resident expert, Vice-President of Regulatory Compliance, ex-PHMSA regulator and air transport specialist Dr. Bob Richard, along with Michael Burdick, Special Agent with the FAA, will be discussing the most recent changes and how they expect they will impact shippers, and some great ideas on how to respond.  If you’re interested, it’s this Wednesday the 20th at 10:00 AM Central: Sign up here


USEPA extended its comment period on the technical report it recently issued about the effects on aquatic life of hydrological alteration. That sounds like a big chunk of complex science and it is; what it means in practical terms is, that any projects which might alter a local or regional water source will face higher scrutiny about what the alteration may do to affect local flora and fauna.  Builders and planners may wish to look over the report and if necessary, comment accordingly.  More here


PHMSA stayed busy on the Special Permits front, addressing new applications regarding, among other things, waste paint containers and non-standard cargo tanks.  See the recent actions here


The TSA issued a new information collection requirement regarding its so-called BASE or Baseline Security Enhancement program. The request will gather data from responders to help TSA tweak the program to adjust it to the ever-changing threat environment the agency is tasked with facing.  Here’s the request


The FRA released another set of statements plugging its new “Public Bridge Inspection Request” program. The idea is to allow local governments oa way to involve FRA in inspecting structures that may have a safety issue, but that the local agency lacks the staffing expertise to adequately address.  The new program is part of FRA’s heavy new emphasis on safety of operation since a variety of rail accidents have amped public concern over the subject.  Find out more here

U.S. Coast Guard:

The US Coast Guard issued new rules to require vessels carrying oil in bulk in US waters to be equipped with spill response and towing equipment which would allow it to more comprehensively address any accidental release. More here

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