DG Digest: OSHA issues ICR on respiratory protection and fitness requirements that go with them

As the nation enters the latter half of August, hot weather and the pandemic continue to dominate concerns about safety.  Be sure that at your workplace, your hot weather plan remains in place, and that as a safety professional, you demonstrate good hot weather habits—plenty of liquid, rest after work in hot areas, and watching for signs of heat related illness.  If an employee chooses to be vaccinated against the COVID virus, be sure you know where to point them for any assistance your workplace may be providing in reference to vaccination programs.  Let’s all keep working to make things as safe as we can.  It was a very quiet week in the regulatory world—summer doldrums.  Here’s the latest:


The agency issued an ICR related to its respiratory protection standard. The standard sets specifications for respirators used by industry and the physical fitness requirements that go with them. See the ICR here.

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