DG Digest: OSHA updates workplace Covid-19 guidance and the FAA updates its ‘DRS’ database

The FAA has revamped its regulatory clearinghouse and file system known as the DRS.  This will make it easier for all affected parties to interact with the FAA regulatory database.  A restored Boeing-Stearman PT-17 of Second World War vintage was on final approach to Dick Scobee Memorial Field in Auburn, Washington in August of 2020.  Photo © 8/2020 by Nikki Burgess; all rights reserved.

Today marks the first day of February—already!  As veterans of the election transition process may have expected, the last week of the month featured a fairly quiet regulatory scene as one result of the new administration taking over in Washington, DC.  It’s common after a change in administrations for things to get a little slow as new people move into key slots and take stock of how things currently work and how they may want to begin implementing any changes in direction that the new White House leadership decides on.  That’s the process that is underway now.  However, there was some interesting news, including major OSHA recommendatory action on COVID safety planning.  Here’s the latest:


The agency published major and extensive new guidance on battling COVID-19 transmission in the workplace. While the guidance contains no regulatory mandates, it does offer strong recommendations for acting to limit the potential spread of the illness in workplaces. The guidance also includes explanatory information on how current regulations apply to the ongoing situation. See the new guidance here.


The agency has revamped and updated what it calls its Dynamic Regulatory System (DRS). The DRS is the agency’s “clearinghouse” for all of it’s applicable regulatory references and provides a searchable database.  While it is not dangerous goods specific, it’s a useful place to go for help if your business is impacted by what FAA does. See the revamped site here.

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