DG Digest: Transport Canada releases extensions to COVID-19-related exemptions

The last full week of the summer was a quiet one in the regulatory world, with the action centered on a set of Transport Canada extensions of COVID related regulatory exemptions.  See below for those details.  Meanwhile, let’s all keep working to help keep our employees and families safe by continuing to follow the recommendations for limiting the spread of the pandemic.  Here’s the latest:

Transport Canada

Our northern neighbor’s analog to PHMSA issued a new series of extensions of regulatory exemptions related to the COVID-19 pandemic.  The extensions affect:

  • the carriage of hand sanitizer by post, ground, and air
  • the testing of means of containment (packaging, in US parlance)
  • dangerous goods recertification training

The new extensions push the effective date of expirations into the New Year, with a current end date of January 21st.  Transport Canada noted that the situation will be evaluated on an ongoing basis, leaving open the possibility of further extensions.  Here’s your link to the extension notices:

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