DG Digest: TSA issues ICR to stakeholders engaged in surface transportation

The battleship USS Texas BB-35, veteran of two world wars and leader of the American battle squadron at Omaha Beach on D-Day at Normandy in 1944, rests in her museum berth near Houston, Texas in September of 2014.  Photo © 9/2014 by Nikki Burgess; all rights reserved.

The week found the United States and her allies marking the 75th Anniversary of the World War 2 invasion of Normandy in France, beginning the liberation of Western Europe from Nazi rule.  The Labelmaster family joins with our fellow citizens in expressing gratitude for the bravery and sadness at the sacrifice of those who took part.  Let us never forget.  It was a busy week in the regulatory world; see below for all the latest.


The agency released a long awaited draft environmental assessment regarding the issuance of special permit allowing for the transport of liquefied natural gas (LNG) by rail.  Interested parties are invited to comment.  Your route to provide feedback starts right here

The agency published its latest batch of Special Permit actions.  As is the usual case, most activity focused on lithium batteries, cylinders, and various portable tanks.  See the specific actions via the links here:





The agency published an ICR related to testing and recordkeeping associated with disposable cigarette lighters, a commodity often shipped as dangerous goods.  Interested shippers may wish to have a look; see the ICR here


The agency issued a revision to a previous ICR that seeks feedback on the quality of its service delivery.  The revision clarifies the subjects of interest and who the agency considers to be affected entities.  See the revision right here


The agency published a new ICR establishing a survey for stakeholders engaged in surface transportation. TSA is interested in finding ways to better engage with and serve this important sector of transport.  See the survey announcement and how to participate here


The agency published an ICR seeking information CDL driver qualification files. Carriers are responsible for ensuring only qualified drivers operate their vehicles.  See the ICR here

FMCSA also requests information on existing or potential sources of data to better understand driver detention times during the loading and unloading of commercial motor vehicles (CMVs) and the potential impact of such delays on roadway safety.   Comments on this notice must be received on or before September 9, 2019.  Here’s your access

U.S. Coast Guard

The Coast Guard announced a pre-meeting on June 20th to prepare submittals for the IMO Technical Cooperation Meeting to be held in the United Kingdom later in the month. While dangerous goods are not specifically part of the agenda, things like crew training and operational practices which could affect shippers are.  See the pre-meeting announcement and ways to comment here

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