How Labelmaster e-procurement can lower your costs of hazmat compliance

How you buy your Dangerous Goods transport resources isn’t as important as how you use them. But it can still make a difference in your operation’s compliance.

For example: e-procurement.

Many Labelmaster customers already take advantage of our support for e-procurement platforms including Ariba, Coupa, Hubwoo (Perfect Commerce), Smart by GEP, SAP S/4 and many others. E-procurement offers lots of advantages for their organizations—time savings, improved accuracy, centralized purchasing and more—but it also helps them make Dangerous Goods compliance more affordable.

Here’s a closer look.

How does e-procurement with Labelmaster work?

Electronic procurement automates the buying process to make it easier to purchase from suppliers. E-procurement platforms like those mentioned above centralize interactions between organizations, suppliers and supply chain partners to improve the speed and efficiency of procurement processes.

Labelmaster supports three types of e-procurement:

An e-procurement catalog—sometimes called a static catalog or CIF catalog—is an electronic file containing a list of products which are approved for an organization to purchase. It’s fast and easy to implement, usually up and running in as little as two or three days, and the products available maintain strict requirements, including UNSPSC code, UOM, pricing and more.

A level 1 e-procurement punchout lets buyers access content from so you can search for, compare and select what you want to buy. Items in your shopping cart then return to your e-procurement platform for approval and purchase.

A level 2 e-procurement punchout combines a punchout website with a CIF or static catalog to create a single shopping environment. You simply click on the items you want to buy to launch the fully automatic process.

E-procurement offers a host of benefits, including a consumer-like ecommerce buying experience, active, up-to-date pricing and availability and the immediate availability of new products. But one benefit in particular helps your entire organization raise the value of Dangerous Goods compliance—the ability to take advantage of the deepest discounts for which you’re eligible.

Product pricing and your total value of compliance

Dangerous Goods compliance is a critical safety issue. But it can also be a value-added component of supply chain operations that boosts your company’s profitability—and you can measure that value through our total value of compliance (TVC) framework.

Total value of compliance takes into account three factors:

  1. Your costs of compliance—the actual cost of maintaining compliance throughout your supply chain.
  2. Your costs of non-compliance—the cost of errors or lapses in compliance.
  3. Your revenue opportunities with higher-level compliance—opportunities to differentiate, increase revenue and speed cash flows

#1 comes into play with e-procurement. When your e-procurement platform helps you take advantage of deeper discounts, you lower your cost of compliance—and make compliance more valuable for your entire organization.

How e-procurement helps secure discounts

Many Labelmaster customers enjoy special pricing based on their volume of purchases. (If you don’t receive these savings, please check out Navigator Guide Savings and Perks.) Naturally, the volume is greatest when your entire organization’s purchases are compiled—and that’s where e-procurement shines.

When you purchase through your e-procurement platform, you don’t need to create an account or enter a credit card number—your purchase is made automatically through your company’s account. You’ll see your actual pricing automatically, so you’ll know exactly what you’re spending with every purchase. You can also gain helpful insight into what other buyers within your company are buying.

If your organization has far-flung locations, e-procurement is the best way to centralize purchasing data to secure savings. It’s also essential if different levels within your organization make purchases. One of our largest customers, for example, buys different products at the administrative, warehouse and retail level—and their e-procurement platform tracks it all.

Make sure you’re getting the best pricing possible—and lowering your cost of compliance—by integrating Labelmaster into your e-procurement platform. We’ll work with you to determine the best solution for your organization.

Because how you buy is almost as important as what you buy.

Make sure your shipments are safe and in complete compliance with a full line of solutions from Labelmaster—a full-service provider of goods and services for hazardous materials and Dangerous Goods professionals, shippers, transport operators and EH&S providers.


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