Supply Chain Moves: Week of February 7, 2022


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Week of February 7, 2022

Linking supply chain news with dangerous goods compliance

The global electric vehicle (EV) market presents tremendous growth opportunities for automakers, distributors and the companies that supply and serve the auto industry. It also brings a supply chain challenges for everyone involved.

Let’s examine some recent industry news.



  • The logistics challenges of the EV market are real. The EV market continues to grow and change the automotive industry. It also brings with it new logistics challenges for all parties involved. Electric vehicles run on large format lithium-ion batteries, which are fully regulated hazmat and come with complex hazmat shipping regulations, and adds another level of complexity and risk for companies involved in the manufacturing, sales, distributions, services and transport of EVs.
  • Lithium batteries are hazmat for a reason. The fire risk associated with lithium batteries has been a hot topic in recent years, and the same is now true for those found in EVs. Although uncommon, when fires do occur, these large and powerful lithium-ion batteries burn hotter and faster and can even re-ignite long after the fire is initially controlled. This makes transporting lithium batteries, especially damaged, defective or recalled ones, even more challenging and high risk, and why proper training, packaging and understanding of the shipping regulations is so critical.  
  • More batteries lead to more recalls: The growing EV market has brought with it an increase in recalls of large format lithium-ion batteries. Recalls are especially difficult when they involve large format batteries because they are big and heavy and fully regulated hazmat, so they cannot simply be put into a normal box and crate and shipped like other goods. They also require coordinated activities with various supply chain partners, which is often outside of their normal scope or area of expertise. As a result, there’s a lot that can go wrong when recalling large format batteries if companies don’t have the right processes, expertise and technology in place.

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