Supply Chain Moves: Week of May 06, 2019

Labelmaster Supply Chain Moves


Week of May 06, 2019

Linking technology news with Dangerous Goods compliance

As the supply chain becomes faster and more complex, companies, especially those shipping dangerous goods, must rely on technology to keep pace.

To help companies keep a pulse on technology trends impacting business and the movement of dangerous goods throughout the supply chain, Labelmaster has launched “Supply Chain Moves,” a weekly report linking the latest technology news to dangerous goods compliance.

Let’s examine the recent supply chain technology and industry news.



  • Logistics in The E-Commerce Era: To keep up with increasing demand from e-commerce channels and meet consumer expectations, organizations need to invest in their facilities and implement advanced logistics processes.

Technology & Dangerous Goods Compliance

The supply chain is getting faster and faster. And with Amazon’s push into one day delivery, and Walmart, Target and other retailers likely to follow suit, it’s about to get even faster. This puts a lot of pressure on shippers and fuels the need for advanced technology to keep pace.

In a recent Forbes article, Baja Ventures founder Betsy Atkins states, “To keep up with increasing demand from e-commerce channels and meet the expectations of consumers, organizations will need to invest in their warehouses and distribution centers and increase the development and implementation of advanced supply chain and logistics processes.”

She also notes, “Companies that fail to keep up with logistics trends risk losing competitive advantage and falling out of favor with consumers.”

For some companies, this means investing in emerging technologies such as augmented reality, advanced robotics, drones advanced and more. For others, it means further investing in a transportation management system, warehouse management system or dangerous goods shipping software, or integrated the systems they have.

With all of the rules for shipping dangerous goods, to help ensure a smooth, efficient supply chain, companies need to take steps to ensure they are quickly packaging, labeling and documenting dangerous good shipments in compliance with the latest regulations. This is especially true for companies shipping hazardous goods, such as lithium batteries, which are increasingly complex rules and regulations, and remain extremely high-risk.

Free one-day shipping appears to be the “new normal.” Do you have the advanced supply chain and logistics processes you need to keep pace?

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