The Anatomy of a Proper Hazmat Label

Need to move, store or assure your products? Don’t leave it to chance! Whether you need your labels to be in compliance, endure harsh conditions, visibly display your message or whatever your need may be; trust Labelmaster!

Not all labels are created equal and we get the science of labels.




There are labels. Then there are Labelmaster labels.

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  1. Desmond Waight said:

    If I may

    1. For clarity IMDG Code does not specify a test, only a durability requirement. There is a British Standard (BS 5609) that does specify testing to prove suitability.

    2. Also there is no requirement for UN Number and PSN to be on a ;’bib’ to the class label.

  2. Labelmaster said:

    Desmond, thanks for your comment. You’re absolutely correct, there is no requirement for UN Number and PSN to be attached to the class label. We have created this format for customer convenience so that they can have all of the required information on one label/marking. This is just an example of our proper shipping name labels which satisfy the marking and labeling requirements in one label. You’re also right, the IMDG code does not specify a test, but our labels go a step above the IMDG durability requirement to meet BS 5609 testing standards. Many customers have commented to us that meeting this testing standard allows them to use these labels to ship by multimodal means.

    ~Jeanne Zmich