2013 A.I.R. Shipper Includes Changes to Lithium Battery Provisions, Package Quantity Rules

Production of the 2013 AIR Shipper is coming along.  Odd years mean we’re including ICAO updates, so we’ll be featuring a black cover this time out.

If you’re piloting a helicopter up in Alaska, you need to pay attention to this one!  Of course, there are lots of other changes the ordinary dangerous goods shipper needs to take a look at.  Especially those much amended and tweaked provisions for lithium batteries in all their different types and packages.  I think you’ll be pleased with how AIR Shipper presents packing instructions in a user-friendly, concise and structured manner.  The rules on when a package quantity is considered to be “gross” have changed and that will have a significant impact on documentation.

The 2013 version is a must for all dangerous goods shippers.  Those folks who think they can shave a few dollars by using out-of-date editions really need to look at the cost of doing that.  And for those who can get to Chicago just after Labor Day for Labelmaster’s Dangerous Goods Instructor’s Symposium, I’ll be going through the 2013 requirements during an in-depth workshop session.

If you’d like to stay on top of the regulations, we’re offering a pre-publication discount on Deluxe AIR Shipper Compliance Packages from now until the end of July. Take advantage of this great offer while it’s still available!


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