9 reasons you’re going to love complying with FMCSA’s ELD mandate

ELDs (Electronic Logging Devices) to become mandatory

The deadline for U.S. truck operators to replace paper logs with electronic logging devices (ELDs) is just a few weeks away. While many operators have already switched, others’ attitudes toward making the transition might best be described as “kicking and screaming.”

We get it. Change is hard, and complying with yet another federal mandate can be annoying. Plus, logging hours of service (HOS) on paper is as much a part of a trucker’s day as black coffee and good music.

But once you get over all that, we think you’re going to love the benefits of ELDs—especially if you use the TruxTrax platform, now available from Labelmaster. Here are nine reasons why:

  1. Your drivers will spend about 20 fewer hours on logging every year. FMCSA estimates that truckers will reduce the time they spend logging their HOS by 4.5 minutes a day, and save more time filing and forwarding that information. That might not sound like much, but over the course of a year it adds up.
  2. Your ELDs will yield paperwork savings of $705 per year. The TruxTrax system, on the other hand, costs just $240 for a one-year subscription.
  3. Your ELD will make other paperwork easier, too. You can generate IFTA and IRP reports straight from the TruxTrax dashboard. Plus, TruxTrax automatically registers when your truck crosses a state line, so you can generate state mileage reports instantly.
  4. You’ll reduce your fuel costs. TruxTrax doesn’t just log HOS—it gives you GPS tracking of all your trucks in real time. Knowing when your trucks are moving—and how fast—can help you reduce idle time and speeding to save serious money on fuel.
  5. Your customers will appreciate your accuracy. “When will that shipment be here?” “Traffic is easing up on 275 and my driver doesn’t need a break, so we’re looking at 2:18.” “Perfect—thanks!”
  6. You’ll ship Dangerous Goods with less anxiety. Accountability always matters, but it’s critical when you’re shipping DG. When you know exactly where every truck is at all times—and you can share more accurate delivery times with receivers—you’ll breathe that much easier.
  7. You don’t need to buy any new devices. TruxTrax is a “bring your own device” mobile app that works with the phones and tablets you already own. And even with 24/7 use, it only burns about 0.5 gigabytes of data, so you can stream music all day and still not have to pay your carrier for more data.
  8. It’s designed to make a trucker’s life easy. “We’re a bunch of truckers ourselves,” says TruxTrax Vice President Chris Parent. “We know it’s not easy for truckers these days. That’s why we made the system plug-and-play and super-easy to use. It runs in the background, like it’s not even there.”
  9. It’s Labelmaster-approved. Labelmaster Product Manager Eddie Babilonia says, “I can’t even tell you how many devices I researched, looking at user interfaces, costs and online reviews. I’ve used this app on my own phone and seen how much money I waste on gas because of my heavy foot. This system will appeal as much to truckers as to owners.”

He adds, “We had to make the right choice because we’re ISO-certified. This is about compliance. We take it very seriously.”

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