DG Digest: As the EPA charts its progress towards ‘100% electronic manifests,’ the advisory board will meet virtually this fall

Mid-August already—where does summer go? Nevertheless, we still have several weeks of hot weather and staffing absences to deal with as vacations continue and some of summer’s hottest weather still is on the calendar.  Let’s keep those safety plans rolling and make sure our employees finish the summer in proper form. It wasn’t a super busy week in the regulatory world, but here’s the latest news:


PHMSA is issuing this notice to serve process and inform all persons who currently hold explosive approvals for certain jet perforating guns of the process necessary for maintaining, modifying, upgrading/up-classing, or terminating these approvals. PHMSA has identified approximately 773 current explosive (EX) approvals that are assigned to one of the four identification numbers—UN0124, UN0494, NA0124, and NA0494— impacted by the AESC/IME JPG 2017 standard. Today’s notice is primarily intended to serve as a notice of proposed termination in accordance with 49 CFR 105.35(a)(3) and 107.713(b)(1) and (c), and to reach all EX approval holders who have not yet submitted a request to maintain, modify, upgrade/up-class, or terminate their current approval. See the details here if your operation is affected.

The agency has published its latest set of Special Permit (SP) actions, addressing unique circumstances in the realm of transport regulations.  See the actions at these links:

2022-17501.pdf (govinfo.gov)

2022-17500.pdf (govinfo.gov)

2022-17499.pdf (govinfo.gov)


The agency will convene the Hazardous Waste Electronic System (eManifest) Advisory Board for a three (3) day virtual public meeting. The purpose of the meeting is for EPA to seek the Board’s consultation and recommendations regarding the eManifest system (Meeting Theme: ‘‘Roadmap to 100% Electronic Manifests’’). Virtual Public Meeting: The meeting will be held October 4–6, 2022, from 10:00 a.m. to approximately 6:00 p.m. (EDT). This public meeting will be conducted virtually. Find more details here.

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