DG Digest: EU notifies of proposed amendments to the ADR

The week that ended with the Independence Day holiday finds the US continuing its battle with the novel coronavirus outbreak. Let’s all keep moving forward and doing our best to help mitigate the outbreak. The week was very quiet in a regulatory sense, perhaps typical of summer holiday periods. Our friends in the EU kept busy however, making depositary notification of proposed amendments to the ADR—the bloc’s analog regulation to the 49 CFR HMR. See the news below, and have a safe week.


On July 1st the UNECE made depositary notification of proposed amendments to the ADR regulations that govern ground transport in the EU and other signatory countries like the UK. The consolidated list of amendments reflects changes to the regulations that are anticipated for incorporation in the 2021 version of the legal text. See the amendments as well as links to the working group reports and other background information here.

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