DG Digest: Federal Agencies publish semi-annual regulatory agendas

Federal agencies including the DOT and STB issued their semi-annual regulatory agendas. A Union Pacific intermodal train rolls north at Chambers Bay near Tacoma, Washington last month. Photo © 7/2022 by Nikki Burgess; all rights reserved.

The end of the first week of August is here, and in some parts of the country, summer heat is at its maximum.  It’s also the heart of hurricane season in the Southeast and Gulf states. Be sure that your severe weather plans account for the safety issues that your site requires.  Meanwhile, here’s the latest regulatory news:

Semi-Annual Regulatory Agendas

Many federal agencies published their new semi-annual agendas last week. These agendas outline the plans that agency has for the next six-month regulatory cycle.  See links to the agendas here for various agencies of interest:

CPSC: 2022-14617.pdf (govinfo.gov)

EPA: 2022-14612.pdf (govinfo.gov)

GSA1: 2022-14613.pdf (govinfo.gov)

GSA2: 2022-14615.pdf (govinfo.gov)

DHS: 2022-14604.pdf (govinfo.gov)

DOL: 2022-14607.pdf (govinfo.gov)

NRC: 2022-14620.pdf (govinfo.gov)

RSIC: 2022-14654.pdf (govinfo.gov)

STB: 2022-15215.pdf (govinfo.gov)

DOT: 2022-14608.pdf (govinfo.gov)


The agency requests public comment on how its regulations for conducting workplace drug and alcohol testing for the federally regulated transportation industry could be amended to allow electronic signatures on documents required to be created and utilized under the regulations, to be able to use electronic versions of forms, and to electronically store forms and data. The regulatory changes would apply to DOT-regulated employers and their contractors (‘‘service agents’’) who administer their DOT-regulated drug and alcohol testing programs. See the ANPRM and how to comment here.


The agency proposed amendments to its Hazardous Materials Safety Permits regulations to incorporate by reference the updated Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) handbook containing inspection procedures and Out-of-Service Criteria (OOSC) for inspections of shipments of transuranic waste and highway route controlled quantities of radioactive material. See the proposed rule here.

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