DG Digest: FMCSA to increase commercial vehicle interior windshield size to accommodate on-board safety technology

The end of the first week in March finds the world watching a full-scale war in the heart of Europe.  Exactly what impact that will have long-term beyond the obvious human tragedy remains to be seen, but short term, it is going to add many challenges to an already pandemic stressed supply chain. Labelmaster will do its best to keep up with regulatory and supply chain challenges as we all hope for a quick end to the violence. Here’s the week’s news:


The agency announced that its Office of Hazardous Materials Safety will host three public meetings during 2022 in advance of certain international meetings:

  • The first meeting will be held in preparation of the 60th session of the United Nations Sub-Committee of Experts on the Transport of Dangerous Goods (UNSCOE TDG) scheduled for June 27 to July 6, 2022, in Geneva, Switzerland.
  • The second meeting will be held in preparation of the International Civil Aviation Organization’s (ICAO) Dangerous Goods Panel (DGP) Working Group 22 (WG/22) tentatively scheduled for November 21–25, in Montreal, Canada.
  • The third meeting will be held in preparation of the 61st session of the UNSCOE TDG scheduled for November 28 to December 6, 2022, in Geneva, Switzerland.

For each of these meetings, PHMSA will solicit public input on current proposals. Each public meeting will take place virtually approximately two weeks preceding the international meeting. If the guidelines concerning the global health emergency change, PHMSA may hold the meeting(s), concurrent with the virtual sessions, at DOT’s Washington DC facilities.  Specific information for each meeting will be posted when available on the PHMSA website at https://www.phmsa.dot.gov/ international-program/internationalprogram-overview under ‘‘Upcoming Events.’’  See further information here.


The agency has amended the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSRs) to increase the area on the interior of commercial motor vehicle (CMV) windshields where certain vehicle safety technology devices may be mounted. In addition, this action adds items to the definition of vehicle safety technology. This final rule responds to a rulemaking petition from Daimler Trucks North America (DTNA) and is effective May 6, 2022. See the details here.

The agency also published an ICR related to registration requirements for the manufacturers and vendors of electronic driver logging devices or ELD’s. ELD’s replaced paper logs several years ago. See the ICR here.

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