DG Digest: FRA establishes Emergency Relief Docket for year, and the Coast Guard announces next chem transport committee meeting

The FRA announced its emergency relief docket for the railroad industry last week. The docket is intended to facilitate quick response during unique or crisis-driven transport situations involving the nation’s railroads. On a sunny and calm winter morning, BNSF 3944 leads a freight train south in Sumner, Washington on February 10th, 2018. Image © 2/2018 by Nikki Burgess; all rights reserved.

The Mid-February winter doldrums are here—we’re all ready for spring, but it still feels distant.  Hopefully the crocuses will soon be peeking out, and a new cycle will return us to sunshine and the new green.  The week saw a slight uptick in regulatory activity; here’s the latest:


The agency established its annual Emergency Relief Docket. This docket provides a generic source of recourse to relief for railroad carriers during any times of emergency or special need that they may face while transporting people and products in areas affected by unusual events. The docket is intended to speed regulatory relief and allow a quicker response and flexibility in times of need or crisis.  See the docket here

U.S. Coast Guard

The service announced the next meeting of its chemical transportation advisory committee. The committee assists in directing the course of regulatory activities affecting maritime transport of chemicals in US waters.  See the meeting notice here

Chemical Safety & Hazard Investigation Board

The nation’s body concerned with carrying out investigations of chemical accidents announced its next meeting.  This board has been identified by the Trump Administration as one that may be eliminated as unnecessary, however at least for now, the Board continues its mission.  See the meeting notice here


Although not specifically concerned with Dangerous Goods, the Food and Drug Administration announced a training program for regulatory managers intended to expose them to various facets of the regulatory process involved in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals.  The program involves exposure to the entire manufacturing chain, and may be of interest if your business cross-connects to this important industry sector.  See the program details here

Transport Canada

Canada’s analog to the USDOT/PHMSA announced that it has ended consideration of the proposal to require that persons involved in transporting Dangerous Goods in Canada take and pass a standardized examination to be certified to do so.  The program foundered on concerns over the ability of stakeholders to manage and respond to such a requirement in an organized way.  Instead, current training requirements will remain in place, at least for now.  See more news about this announcement here

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