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Transport Canada publishes a large miscellaneous update to its TDG regulations

Transport Canada publishes a large miscellaneous update to its TDG regulations

Here we are sweltering in late July! Much of the nation is in the grip of record-breaking heat, so all of us need to be sure to pay extra attention to heat safety—let’s keep our fellow employees protected from heat exhaustion and heat stroke, both potentially dangerous conditions that can severely injure or even be

DG Digest: PHMSA publishes rule which requires rail carriers to provide greater levels of information about hazardous materials.

PHMSA published the proposed rule discussed here last week which will require rail carriers to provide greater levels of information about hazardous materials in train consists to first responders when potentially dangerous incidents occur. A BNSF train rolls through a curve near Rock Island, Washington in July of 2017. Image © 7/2017 by Nikki Burgess;

Transport Canada Publishes a Revised Tank Car Construction Standard

Mid-May is here and with it both some serious stormy weather as well as some rapidly warming temperatures in various parts of the country. If your workplace hasn’t yet shifted into its “summer safety season” programs, now’s the time to make it happen. Storm damage and heat related illnesses can both be trouble for your

DG Digest: PHMSA publishes a safety advisory related to the recent train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio.

Here we are in April! Spring Break time is here, so let’s all be sure that we have planned how we will help employees stay safe during a period when many workplaces may be shorthanded or have employees daydreaming of the beach (don’t we all!). Hopefully, warmer weather will soon give all of us a

DG Digest: Transport Canada has published an advisory regarding the upcoming phase-out deadlines for Class 111 tank cars used in flammable liquids service.

A short but “sweet” DG digest this week, with only one item—but this week also includes St. Valentine’s Day: a chance for a little “sweet” in one’s own life, perhaps. Be sure and do something fun to enjoy the day!  Here’s our rather abbreviated digest: Transport Canada The ministry published an advisory spelling out the

DG Digest: New rules will have a significant impact on shippers using the USPS to ship dangerous goods.

Here we go right into December—the beginning of meteorological (vice astronomical) winter. Brrrrr! Cold and snow are now impacting much of the nation, so let’s all make sure we help our employees cope safely, with prompt snow and ice removal at our workplaces, careful attention to employees that have to work outside, and keeping an

DG Digest: FMCSA makes changes to agency rules, also corrects errors and removes obsolete references from its regulations.

Welcome to October! Not only is the fall season now rolling in; October is National Fire Prevention Month. Does your workplace have good suppression equipment, a solid emergency plan, and a well-trained employee team ready to deal with fire and fire prevention? This is the month to especially focus on and address these issues.  As

DG Digest: PHMSA announced regulatory enforcement discretion for medical waste generated from patients with monkeypox.

The last full week of August is over! Wow. Here comes the new school year—most schools will be back in session in the next week or two.  Watch out for those school buses that will soon be on the move in the morning and late afternoon, and the many places where increased foot and car traffic