DG Digest: FRA increases grant opportunities as PTC deadline looms

The FRA announced further grant opportunities related to the Positive Train Control (PTC) mandate. The safety system must be installed by railroads by the end of this year. A BNSF train led by engine 5200 operates through Auburn, Washington on May 19th, 2018 over track already controlled by a PTC system. Photo © 5/2018 by Nikki Burgess; all rights reserved.

As May slides towards its end, regulatory activity remains at low ebb.  Summer is typically the low point of bustle as regulators enjoy time off like everyone else; will this year be different?  Time will tell.  Meanwhile, here’s what did happen last week:


The nation’s agency regulating motor carrier safety released a set of what it called “minor corrections and amendments” to its part of the 49 CFR.  The FMCSR provides the framework for trucking companies to operate under. Here’s the revisions


On June 12th, the agency will hold a public meeting in Washington to prepare for this summer’s UN GHS meetings in Geneva, Switzerland.  This “local” meeting offers American stakeholders a chance to tell OSHA what matters to them, and what actions they’d like to see result (or not) from the UN actions.  Interested?  Here’s your way in


The agency announced further grant opportunities to assist railroads in implementing Positive Train Control, or PTC. The mandate for completion of such system installation is this December, and the industry is racing to finish. Here’s a link to the grant funding notice

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