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DG Digest: STB’s Rail Energy Transportation Advisory Committee to meet October 18th

DG Digest: STB’s Rail Energy Transportation Advisory Committee to meet October 18th

Amazingly enough, it’s already mid-September. Hopefully everyone is getting back into the groove of having the kids back in school and having most employees back from summer vacations. This coming week is the last of the calendrical summer, and before too long the fall will be here. If your workplace is in a location that

DG Digest: PHMSA and FRA reverse 2020 rule, suspend authorization of liquefied natural gas (LNG) transport in rail tank cars.

Labor Day has come and gone. Hopefully, you had a great summer, topped out by a relaxing long holiday! Today (if you’re reading this on Tuesday) is the traditional day when most schoolchildren return to classes. That means busier roads, crosswalks, and lots of excited little ones out much earlier than has been the case

Transport Canada publishes a large miscellaneous update to its TDG regulations

Here we are sweltering in late July! Much of the nation is in the grip of record-breaking heat, so all of us need to be sure to pay extra attention to heat safety—let’s keep our fellow employees protected from heat exhaustion and heat stroke, both potentially dangerous conditions that can severely injure or even be

DG Digest: PHMSA seeks feedback on modernization of its Hazardous Materials Regulations

Now that the Independence Day holiday has come and gone, here we are in the full swing of summer. Make sure that your workplace has a solid plan in place to mitigate the effects of the inevitable hot weather, and to safely account for the absence of employees that are away on vacation—it’s “prime time”

The EPA has published new guidance related to the characterization of waste related to lithium batteries.

It’s the first week of June and here comes summer! If you haven’t yet implemented your workplace’s summer heat illness and injury prevention program, now’s the time!  Heat stress and heat stroke are among the most common workplace illnesses and the summertime is the biggest period of the year where they tend to occur. Help

DG Digest: FRA calls special meeting of its Rail Safety Advisory Committee (RSAC) to examine the train derailment in Ohio

Welcome to Daylight Savings Time! It’s “that” week again, so as HSE professionals, it’s our job to be alert for employees that may be suffering from the disjointed reaction to the change “Spring Forward” in particular can engender for some people. Let’s make sure that no one suffers and injury because they feel a little

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DG DIGEST: PHMSA Proposes Amendments to the Hazardous Materials Regulations (HMR)

March is here, and the beginning of meteorological spring. So, let’s all hope for a warm-up, and soon! Meanwhile, keep hanging in there. Winter safety time isn’t over just yet. Help keep your employees warm, dry, and on secure footing around your workplace. Here’s the latest regulatory news from a significant week of activity: PHMSA

DG Digest: PHMSA publishes public meeting schedule in advance of ICAO and UNSCOE TDG sessions; and U.S. agencies publish semi-annual regulatory agendas.

The end of February is here, but the grind of winter weather hangs on for a while et. Much of the country is battling snow and cold. Grit your teeth and hang in there—warmer days are coming. Meanwhile, be sure that your workplace keeps on top of snow removal, ice treatments, and keeping employees that