DG Digest: How will the 49 CFR change as a result of PHMSA’s HM-215P (International harmonization)?

The second week of October is here, and the autumn leaves are falling. We should all remain cognizant of the need to keep our workplaces’ outdoor walkways and stairwells clear of leaves that could contribute to tripping hazards, as well as the need to keep storm sewers open to drain off rainfall. Safety first! Here’s the week’s regulatory news:


The agency has posted a link to a webinar it produced that summarizes what it views as notable changes to the 49 CFR under the new HM-215P international harmonization. It’s always good to get a feel for what the agency itself views as imperative, so although most of us have already digested the HM-215P, it’s well worth a look to get the “inside track.” Here’s a link to the free webinar, viewable on YouTube.

The agency is also seeking stakeholder feedback on its development plans for the upcoming 2024 edition of the Emergency Response Guidebook (ERG). The ERG is a very popular “one-stop shop” for many first responders when they interact with dangerous goods, so if you have what you think is useful feedback for the DOT to help improve the next edition, they want to hear form you. Send comments to this email address: ERGComments@dot.gov

The agency listed no formal deadline for comments, but noted that reviews will begin “in early 2023.”


The agency requests approval to renew an ICR titled, ‘‘Training Certification for Drivers of Longer Combination Vehicles.’’ This ICR relates to requirements for drivers to be certified to operate longer combination vehicles (LCVs), and associated recordkeeping requirements that motor carriers must satisfy. Motor carriers, upon inquiry by authorized officials, must produce an LCV Driver-Training Certificate for each of their drivers. Comments on this notice must be received on or before December 12, 2022. See the ICR here.

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