DG Digest: OSHA announces 2019 funding for underserved workplace programs

Spring is well underway now; many businesses will be attending to outdoor maintenance and grounds upkeep that may have been off the schedule in the winter months.  It’s easy to get hurt on roofs or with power tools; be sure your team remembers and abides by the rules for engaging in those tasks to everyone stays safe! It was a pretty quiet week on the regulatory front, but here’s the latest news:

Transport Canada

The sister agency to PHMSA for our northern neighbor published an amendment to the unique to Canada Emergency Response Assistance Plan or ERAP requirements.  The change is intended to improve the program and make it easier to work under.  The change goes into effect on June 1st, 2019, with a final mandatory compliance date of March 1st, 2020.  Transport Canada has a great home page that explains the ERAP program here 

Here is the link to the amendment.


The agency announced a $10.5 million funding opportunity for affected businesses and agencies via the FY2019 Susan Harwood Training Grant Program. This annual grant program focuses OSHA dollars on training development work in what the agency deems to be the most critically underserved and or safety deficient areas of workplace programs. For full information on grant eligibility and how to apply, see the link here.

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