DG Digest: PHMSA Lithium Battery Air Safety Committee to meet April 20th; OSHA submitted an ICR for its Highly Hazardous Chemical Safety Program

The first full week of April featured several significant religious holidays that many people observe, and as such, things were just a little quieter on the regulatory news scene. Here’s the latest:


The agency announced a meeting of the Lithium Battery Air Safety Advisory Committee for April 20th. This group is a stakeholder committee that helps PHMSA with advice and information about the ever-changing lithium battery shipping scene. See how to join the meeting here.


The agency submitted an ICR dealing with its Highly Hazardous Chemical Safety Program. The standard on Process Safety Management of Highly Hazardous Chemicals ensures that employers collect the information necessary to control and reduce injuries and fatalities in workplaces that have the potential for highly hazardous chemical catastrophes. See more info on this ICR here.

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