DG Digest: Public Comment Period Opens on International Rules for Safe Radioactive Material Transport

Today’s blog publishes right after the “Spring Forward” event—did you remember to reset your clocks? This is the one Monday of the year when perhaps everyone might be just a little off-kilter, so remember: take your time today and don’t let the change impair your attention to health and safety. We’ll also encounter the St. Patrick’s Day holiday this coming weekend, so if you plan to celebrate, be sure to do so responsibly. St. Patrick’s Day is, along with New Year’s Eve, one of the leading dates when impaired driving is a huge problem. Designated drivers are always a huge win! Here’s the week’s regulatory news:


PHMSA and the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission are jointly seeking comments on issues concerning requirements in the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) regulations for the safe transport of radioactive materials. The IAEA is considering revisions to their regulations as part of its periodic review cycle for a new edition of those regulations. Submit comments by April 15, 2024. See the formal notice and how to submit comments here.

The agency also published its latest tranche of special permit (SP) actions. Find those at the three links here:

2024-05031.pdf (govinfo.gov)

2024-05032.pdf (govinfo.gov)

2024-05034.pdf (govinfo.gov)


The agency is amending its Risk Management Program (RMP) regulations. The revisions include several changes and amplifications to the accident prevention program requirements, enhancements to the emergency preparedness requirements, improvements to the public availability of chemical hazard information, and several other changes to certain regulatory definitions or points of clarification. See the rule here.


The agency issued another pair of ICR’s dealing with its Anhydrous Ammonia handling and safety standards. Find them here:

2024-05108.pdf (govinfo.gov)

C1-2024-04512.pdf (govinfo.gov)

In another action, an ICR was published dealing with powered lifts. Such lifts are a common sight at construction sites, and are often additionally used for building repairs and maintenance. See the ICR here.

In yet a third action, the agency published a request for comments regarding renewal of an ICR dealing with fire safety standards in shipyards.

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