DG Digest: STB’s Rail Energy Transportation Advisory Committee to meet October 18th

Amazingly enough, it’s already mid-September. Hopefully everyone is getting back into the groove of having the kids back in school and having most employees back from summer vacations. This coming week is the last of the calendrical summer, and before too long the fall will be here. If your workplace is in a location that can see its storm drains and other water diversion equipment challenged by falling leaves, now’s the time to start thinking about how you’re going to cope with that. Keeping drains and gutters clear of debris prevents safety hazards and equipment damage. Plan ahead. Here’s the week’s news:    

Chemical Safety & Hazard Investigation Board

The Board proposed an ICR that would require reporting on the hazards of reactive chemicals (those are things like peroxides, reactive metals like sodium, and so on). The data will be used to further study of best practices for safety in such uses. See the details here.


The agency published an ICR related to the maintenance of respirator fit test records. Use of respirators in workplace settings requires recordkeeping to assure that proper fit testing and eligibility standards are met. See this ICR here.

In a second ICR, OSHA is requiring data related to the safe operation of aerial lifts. Such lifts are common in industry and can be hazardous if not properly used. See this ICR here.


The board announced a meeting of the Rail Energy Transportation Advisory Committee. The committee advises the board on safety issues related to transporting various energy commodities including hazmat. The meeting will be on October 18th. See the details here.


The agency published an ICR streamlining and standardizing the reporting form used for recordkeeping in relation to Positive Train Control System (PTC) maintenance issues. Railroads are required to update the FRA in reference to PTC issues as full implementation of the systems continues across the country. See the ICR here.

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