DG Digest: Supply Chain Shortages Force PHMSA to Relax Some Rules for Sealing Tapes

The FRA released a correction to a rule affecting employee PPE. A Union Pacific train cruises north through Auburn, Washington on April 30th, 2022, with local landmark Mount Rainier rising in the distance. Photo © 4/2022 by Nikki Burgess; all rights reserved.

Sunday was Mother’s Day, and the Labelmaster joins to wish all those hard-working Moms out there the credit they deserve. We hope you had a great and special day and a wonderful year coming up! Here’s the latest news from the last two weeks:


The agency published a notice of discretionary enforcement allowing inspectors to take into account supply chain shortages when encountering the use of sealing tapes for packages that may slightly differ in some way from the tape called for in that package’s closure instructions.  Like every other industry sector, transport is experiencing issues related to the supply chain, and so PHMSA is offering a bit of an allowance to its inspectors to judge situations on a case basis. See the full details here.

The agency also published an ICR related to the transport of radioactive materials.  This rather unique part of the regulated transport field requires close attention, and PHMSA is issuing an information collection they say will help them to do just that. See the ICR here.


In a proposed rulemaking, the agency is suggesting engine controls for CMV’s exceeding 26,001 pounds (the “Class B” CDL limit) that would limit vehicle speeds (i.e., governors). The agency is asking for comments on the proposal, which does not include suggested speed limits as of yet. See the NPRM here.


The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is proposing reporting and recordkeeping requirements for asbestos under the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA). EPA proposes to require certain persons that manufactured (including imported) or processed asbestos and asbestos containing articles (including as an impurity) in the four years prior to the date of publication of the final rule to electronically report certain exposure-related information. This action would result in a one-time reporting obligation. See the proposal here.


The agency published a correction to a recent safety rule setting standards for eye and foot protective PPE. See the correction here.

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