DG Digest: The TSA is updating penalties for cargo screeners & IATA issues guidance on ‘label border’ issue

The TSA is updating fines for cargo screening vendors.

April is here and along with moderating weather brings with it a few new items for our blog, although in general regulatory activity remains limited.  Here are the latest relevant releases:


OSHA and the Department of Labor are planning a renewed ICR dealing with their Respiratory Protection Standard.  This set of regulations sets the rules for the nation’s employers requiring protection for workers that must operate in or near areas that contain potential breathing hazards.  See the ICR here


The agency charged with airport and cargo screening security is releasing an updated set of monetary penalty amounts.  If your company operates a TSA-secure site, you may wish to take special note.  Here’s your link


IATA has released important new guidance relevant to the “label border” issue. In a nutshell, the guidance relaxes the focus on the 2mm border line width specification that has caused so much angst in the DG community over the last couple of years. This is preparatory to revising the specification in the 20th edition.  Here’s a PDF link to the new guidance


United Parcel Service has published various changes to its DG tables. These revise the list of dangerous goods that UPS addresses in several ways, whether by permission to ship or not, or in some cases in terms of the quantities permitted for shipment of various materials.  Both air and ground shipping are addressed by these tables.  Is your operation affected?  Have a look right here

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