DG Digest: Transport Canada has published an advisory regarding the upcoming phase-out deadlines for Class 111 tank cars used in flammable liquids service.

A Canadian National Railway oil train passes through Puyallup, Washington on January 29th, 2023. Photo by Nikki Burgess © 1/2023; all rights reserved.

A short but “sweet” DG digest this week, with only one item—but this week also includes St. Valentine’s Day: a chance for a little “sweet” in one’s own life, perhaps. Be sure and do something fun to enjoy the day!  Here’s our rather abbreviated digest:

Transport Canada

The ministry published an advisory spelling out the looming deadline in May for final removal from service of unmodified Type 111 (CP-1232) tank cars for carrying flammable liquids in Canada. It’s perhaps the final chapter of the Lac Megantic tragedy back in 2013, when a runaway train of such cars, filled with oil, devastated that small Canadian community, and killed dozens of its residents in a fiery explosion. Since then, the regulations surrounding such cars as well as how such trains are to operated and stored has been almost completely revised. The advisory spells out what materials, by UNID#, will be impacted by the deadline. At this point most of that traffic has already been switched to newer and safer cars (double hulls and other new safety features) so operational impacts likely won’t be large. See the advisory here:

Upcoming phase-out deadlines for Class 111 tank cars used in flammable liquids service (canada.ca)

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