DG Digest: U.S. DOT Seeks Stakeholder Input On Service Improvements

U.S. DOT announced a new ICR aimed at improving service to its stakeholders, including the rail industry.  Union Pacific train IBASE cruises through the sunset in Auburn, Washington on March 28th, 2019.  Photo © 3/2019 by Nikki Burgess; all rights reserved.

It’s April 1st, no fooling!  The last week of March found regulatory activity fairly slow, with the biggest news being PHMSA’s announcement of its meeting schedule for pre-conferences to discuss upcoming international modal regulation meetings.  See all the latest below:


The agency announced four meetings that will prepare the US delegations to the major international modal regulatory conferences; ICAO, IMO, UNMR, etc.  The pre-meetings are designed to give US stakeholders a chance for direct input to the agency on issues which may affect them when dealing with international shipping issues.  See the schedule here


The agency issued an ICR asking stakeholders to comment on its service delivery.  The data will be used to improve the services that the DOT offers to customers.  See the ICR here


In an action that may be of interest to both chemical manufacturers and storage and distribution networks, especially those dealing with agricultural fertilizers, the agency governing alcohol, tobacco, and firearms published a rule clarifying its requirements for mandatory separation distances when storing ammonium nitrates, blasting agents, and other explosive products.  See the rule here

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