DG Digest: US Department of State Announces Pre-Meeting for UN-IMO Container Conference

Holy smokes it’s slow this week!  The only news on the regulatory front is an announcement for the pre-meeting on the upcoming IMO Cargo and Container Conference.  With that being, it IS the middle of summer and typically the hottest time of the year.  Are your employees coping?  Heat stress and stroke can be real dangers in the workplace, especially in the summer.  Be sure your plan is in place and working to protect your employees.  Here’s that IMO meeting notice:

US State Department

The department announced that the pre-meeting for the UN IMO Conference on Cargos and Containers will be held on August 30th.  The “C&C conference is heavily weighted towards Dangerous Goods, so if you ship by ocean carrier, you may wish to listen up!  Here’s your portal

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